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Post Prospecting Explained [bindo/umbra/eridium etc]
Includes my findings (over a few days) in the tips section.
UPDATE [pretty cool!]
If you go in a squad with a friend you can see what they extract :D

1) Go to capella

2) Dock at the base

3) Check the tractors section and buy the "prospecting extraction tool" that you have the tractoring level to use. (any of the tractors in there can take resources from solar bodies/planets/suns with resources)

4) Go to the items section and buy a scanner. If you have equipment 10 or up buying one of the EDVAC scanners is mandatory to speed up your search.

5) Equip your "tractor" and hotkey your scanners using the top bar and use the EDVAC to scan each system you enter, it will tell you what resources are there- but not if they are empty.

6) Once you find a resource you want E.G. bindomite scan the solar bodies (suns/planets/moons) until you find a node. Now the nodes can be a bit disappointing when they are empty but move along and stay strong.
Let us assume the bindomite node is full and has "loads" of bindomite, we can then tractor on to the node and the bindomites will extract.

A few tips

1 ) Umbra comes from dark suns
2 ) Eridium is generally quite crowded in it's location and is found on planets and moons
3 ) Bindomite comes from suns only and is a lot more frequent than it's price suggests.
4 ) It is wise to gear a travel ship for energy regen and speed while prospecting
5 ) While looking for bindomite carry all 3 scanners as the cooldown is quite high.
6 ) as far as i know, bauxite is moon only and usually empty.
7 ) vis is also from suns
8 ) I have not found any resources in DG sun's yet, but i have only ever checked the first level... hmm?
9 ) In wild space, there are copious amounts of other resources, though bindomite i have only found one node. Or perhaps i was drunk.
10 ) In perilous space there is plenty of umbra and other shiny high level resources like frozen blobs, and someone is taking them all and hoarding - because the market price has not crashed and they are always gone. (not me though!)
11 ) In EF space there is plentiful bindomites, umbras tin, titaniums..
12 ) In celestial garden... nothing really. Who prospects for metals?!

Some pictures

Further Updated - 30/10/2013
The System Wide Scanner (EDVAC) now only tells you what is actively in the system, aka nodes you can withdraw from -right now-

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Mon Sep 30, 2013 11:58 pm
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Post Re: Prospecting Explained [bindo/umbra/eridium etc]
nice little guide, succinct and informative.

Tue Oct 01, 2013 2:44 am
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Post Re: Prospecting Explained [bindo/umbra/eridium etc]
I hope I could be of service.

Tue Oct 01, 2013 3:15 am
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Post Re: Prospecting Explained [bindo/umbra/eridium etc]
You should get an an SS equivalent of the Pulitzer prize for this guide Kval. It is tech 15 in awesomeness. Thanks for taking the time.

Thu Aug 20, 2015 2:30 pm
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