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Speed Demon PvP Guide Attempt
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Author:  DeathStryker [ Mon Feb 15, 2016 9:51 am ]
Post subject:  Speed Demon PvP Guide Attempt

Hello all. I've been viewing star sonata content and recently found a lot of flawed pvp walkthroughs. The purpose of this guide is to improve on previous guides. I am neither an expert in the class nor at player versus player combat, so this will be more of a group work attempt. Anyone is free to criticize this guide and make suggestions to improve the OP. Just list in the comments below what you found to be the right tactics and I will update the OP.

SD vs Berserker

Berserkers are the most durable class in the game. In pvp, they will inevitably carry beam weapons of some sort, likely RoPs or KMWs, as an anti-SD or seer measure. The best way to take down a berserker is by outranging them with a Mercurian MagCannon or Ares Sapper. Have at least 1.6k range to be safe and be aware of your distance at all times. You also need to have good reflexes with a warp device. If he warps towards you, just warp away.

SD vs Engineer

DMs are no longer the best pvp class in the game, but they are still a formidable opponent. There's this notion that DMs are the 2nd tankiest class in the game. That is true, but only if his drones are supporting him. That being said, check if he has deployed his drones or not. Wait until he has no drones, and use Swifty-Spry attacks and other necessary tweaks, and hit him with a high damaging weapon like a Lincin. Fly on top of his ship as long as possible while you DPS so he can't deploy BFDs. If you executed it properly, you'll take him down before he has a chance to counterattack.

SD vs Fleet Commander

Hard. The damage and range bonuses they get on slaves makes their fleet a hazard to approach fo a Speed Demon. A tech 20 or higher FC will almost always have Multifiring Bigger Greens, whose Titan Lasers will make mincemeat out of a light fighter from 2.1k away. One way you can win is by either running in and using burst DPS and tweaks to bring down the command ship, followed by flight. This is risky as you need a lot of burst damage to bring down a Fleet Commander. Attack the rear of his ship for maximum damage. The other option is to pick it off from a distance. Ares Sappers are more effective than Mercurian MagCannons because they are ethereal. A FC can also activate his Field Amplification Device to enhance his range aura. If he does that, simply run away until it wears off. Fleet commanders can't use the device nonstop because it costs a lot of energy.

SD vs Gunner

Basically like Speed Demon vs Berserker, but less prone to cheap strategies. Gunners have nice range with their mining beams and missiles. The missiles rebalance makes Zaphragi Cheetah Missiles extraordinarily lethal to a speed demon if they hit. So you have 2 options: Either outrun the missiles (500 speed) or stay away from maximum firing distance (2k). An additional problem are the beams they shoot. Depending on how the gunner is augged, you will have to outrange them too (at least 2.5k range).

SD vs Seer

This matchup will keep you on the alert the entire time. The stealth and positioning advantage speed demons normally have is nonexistent here. Have at least 90k shields on your ship, I recommend a Zombiestop with a Panther Charger because that shield gives lots of bank but low visibility. Always be on the move and spin whenever you can, because you don't want the seer getting a critical strike from behind. When the seer shoots, quickly select him and, using a beam weapon, fly towards him and shoot in his direction. If you're a good pilot, you can follow your beam and keep aiming where the seer is even if he goes invisible. Heat lasers have an advantage here in that they make the enemy's shield bar visible. If the seer tries to advanced blocker you to stall for the next critical hit, counter with your own advanced blocker right as he's about to shoot. Keep you weapon locked onto the seer, and he will fall.

SD vs Shield Monkey

This matchup is basically an easier version of Fleet Commander. Look at the weapons you have on your SD, and analyze them against the resists of the ShM and his slaves. For instance, use an anti-capital system Mk IV against selens and primal lion quick snap against Assault Behemoths. Depending on the resists, it may be better to attack the command ship before the slaves, or vice versa. If you choose to go after the slaves, get a high damaging weapon to outdamage the ShM's heals. Take down 1 slave and pull back before you take too much damage. Rinse and repeat on the next slave(s), which is easier than the first because you will withstand less damage. If you choose to take down the command ship, kill it before the slaves damage you too much or use a long ranged weapon. Once the command ship is down, the slaves are easy pickings.

SD vs Sniper

Most snipers carry a beam weapon or a high tracking weapon in his arsenal, so you have to think before going in guns blazing. If he's in a stealth ship, you can possibly evade the shots, but a prawn's shots are nearly impossible to evade. Fortunately, you have better radar than the sniper, so you are free to attack the sniper when he's unprepared. Again, tweaks and high damaging weapons are key. As long as you keep your cloak up and don't hold down thrust to give away your position, you will start shooting before the sniper. With the use of Assassinations and Swiftys, that positioning advantage should net you the win.

SD vs SD

Use whatever weapon you feel is most effective against the opponent's ship. There is no right weapon, but beams are your best bet since its extremely difficult to hit a fast moving target with projectile weapons, especially if you are constantly moving too. Just like before, have a lot of shield bank. Zombiestop and Kidd's Resistant Shielding are nice. Ping with a passive radar to spot the SD. This may sound strange, but Mercurian Emission can be very effective against speed demons. This is especially true if they carry no laser diffusers, which most speed demons don't bother with because they boost visibility. Don't bother trying to grem the opponent's he's too fast.

Author:  ELITE [ Mon Feb 15, 2016 1:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Speed Demon PvP Guide Attempt

Change the title to T20 guide attempt and I'm with ya.

Author:  DeathStryker [ Mon Feb 15, 2016 1:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Speed Demon PvP Guide Attempt

So assuming that they all fly t20 ships, my guide is reasonable?

Author:  anilv [ Mon Feb 15, 2016 1:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Speed Demon PvP Guide Attempt

DeathStryker wrote:
So assuming that they all fly t20 ships, my guide is reasonable?

Definitely, from what I saw. You get into trouble once you have MF Seer/SD though, I think.

Author:  DeathStryker [ Mon Feb 15, 2016 2:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Speed Demon PvP Guide Attempt

Keep in mind that these tips assume that both players are locked in a single star system with no other ships or solar bodies. In group fights for example, the Zerk will inevitably have a ShMonk with him, making him impossible to take down from far away. In these scenarios, its every pilot for himself and his squad.

Author:  sabre198 [ Mon Feb 15, 2016 5:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Speed Demon PvP Guide Attempt

DeathStryker wrote:
So assuming that they all fly t20 ships, my guide is reasonable?

In before Kane says your t20 would die to his t18

Author:  DarkSteel [ Mon Feb 15, 2016 5:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Speed Demon PvP Guide Attempt

sabre198 wrote:
DeathStryker wrote:
So assuming that they all fly t20 ships, my guide is reasonable?

In before Kane says your t20 would die to his t18


Author:  Valkyrie300 [ Tue Feb 16, 2016 1:37 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Speed Demon PvP Guide Attempt

Also don't use missiles as a speed demon. If you do, all a sniper or gunner needs is RoP with more than 2k range and its a free win for them. Missile boats and stealth gunners have the durability of egg shells.

Author:  carterstrain [ Tue Feb 16, 2016 2:44 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Speed Demon PvP Guide Attempt

Gee, the Assassin wearing clothes for stealth has less armor than a fully equipped Knight. I would have never guessed.

Author:  Valkyrie300 [ Wed Feb 17, 2016 3:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Speed Demon PvP Guide Attempt

I figured its time to explain why only cap ship gunners were mentioned in the OP.

Stealth gunners have always been a one trick pony. Otherwise, it's a poorly shielded heavy fighter with limited weapon damage. They aug for a lot of electricity because only that helps them fire missiles. There's absolutely no reason to fear a stealth gunner more than a sniper, which has longer range, amazing weapon damage, and even a specialized t20 fighter. Even speed demons or seer missile boats put up more of a fight than stealth gunners.

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