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T19 Settups
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Author:  lebfg [ Thu Jun 06, 2019 4:32 am ]
Post subject:  T19 Settups

Hi guys,

Saw a coupe of videos on youtube of people making their "best t16 settups", some argument between two guys about who can make the highest dg clearing settup as a t16 gunner.

I'm an F2P player with a few alts at t19 now and would quite like to make them 'more meta' so if anyone has any tips, builds or advice they wish to share it would be more than welcome :)

Current Settups....

Gunner lvl 500

EF Overload Proto
2 Venu Mag, 2 Venu Ray, 2 Anti-Capital MK 3s
Venu Safeguard
Large AP + Zaphragi Cheetah missiles
Mighty Deathblossom
Super Nuke <<< I have no idea about super items..... help
Mzungu lightning << need to get EE up but.... I'm lazy?
Aspect of Tiger + Gunner Prowess << I had them about but feel I'm not using the best options.....

also have 2 EFD slaves with rabbit fighters just till I have higher RC

FC lvl 500 < Only got most stats at 15 on this alt but have a lot of sp to spend so this is the at with the most upgrade potential I think...

Targeting weps to get slaves to attack stuff, no comment....
Cerberus Fighters
Vampyre Heart
Bouquet + Poseiden Augs

Slaves are
2 wild mf basils

2 EFC with locusts

Engi lvl 900
Parasitic Trans
Venu Safeguard
Paxian Pacifier fighters
Infernal Lava burst...... <<< Someone must have an upgrade for this in mind :3
Gig Obsidian Ionizer
7 Venu Drones, 7 Var Zuladura, 4 Var Bhisaj Katur (Healers) + Heavy thunder drone device
Everlasting + Offensive Ops Prowess + Antualasa Zavas

2 Wilb basis mf
2Bears with bulldog fighters

Anything anyone has to say would be most welcome, I just wanna try some of the "optimal builds" and see just how strong you can be in this game and curious to see any arguments that come out of this :)

Peace <3

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