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Author:  Retyu [ Tue Aug 28, 2018 4:38 am ]
Post subject:  Promoting Star Sonata II

Hi guys, I'm trying to get new players into the game. If you want to help me, there are several things you can do. As it happens I've spoken to many of the admins, and from what I can see there are a lot of problems in the game they're currently working round the clock to fix, as well as coming up with some swell new content. Many of the issues which you have brought up with me are now being looked at and efforts are being made to make the game more enjoyable for everyone. Here are the things you can do to help!

1: Send me screenshots. If the screenshots are awesome, I'll be able to use them to promote the game. Please email me at: with any shots of the game or send them to me in Discord. I'll credit you on the IndieDB and anywhere I put the screenshots.

2: Put a post out about Star Sonata II on Reddit or similar platforms. Every time people see it they have a small chance to come to the website, and currently our bounce rate isn't doing badly.

3: Every account has a referral link. This can be found at:
Referral links can be shared out in many different places, such as Social Media, sharing websites, gaming websites. (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter/ Your YouTube videos etc!) There are rewards for sharing your referral links out so you can benefit from this if people subscribe to the game.

4: SPECIAL I made an account on IndieDB so I could put Star Sonata II on the system. If you could make an account, give the game a rating, and write a review of it, I'd really appreciate it. :) Also if anyone wants to write articles about Star Sonata, I might be able to fund them with some ingame items though I don't have a lot I can certainly help players out a bit here and there. I just want us to do well.

5: Work actively with me. Contact me in the game, by my email, or on Discord if you want to help work with me.

I know there are many people out there unhappy with the game as it stands. The dev team is working to improve the game at the moment, and putting in a lot of effort to solve some of the major issues within. Keep reporting bugs, keep supporting the game and the team will try and make it a better place for everyone. I am a poor player and I cannot offer much to get people to help me. I'm relying on your love of the game, and your kindness as people. We are an amazing playerbase. Over the years I've become friends with so many wonderful people in this game who I'm proud to call friends. Please help me open up the universe for fresh new people. If you have issues in the game, contact me and I will try to get them resolved. Work with me, I beg of you!

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