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Post Re: Change Missiles
Max235 wrote:
They actually did this once. That's what made HF Gunner viable. You'd use your missiles as body shields.

The Unforeseen Colonies, on the other hand, abused this to kill an entire team worth of 15-20 defense base galaxies, because Bases would auto-target missiles and completely ignore the player ships shooting the bases. This was deemed an exploit, which combined with the bug abuse TUC was also doing at the time...

So keep Bases from doing this type of targeting.

Star Sonata is not ready for a release on Steam. See this topic for what we think should be done about it.

Wed Apr 26, 2017 6:55 pm
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Post Re: Change Missiles
So what happens is this:

1. AI (at least in DGs) have a radius around the galaxy center they won't leave willingly on demand to chase players. If the player leaves this range and theres missiles inside, the AI will target the missiles and destroy them. This shuts down super long range setups that rely on projectiles/fighters/missiles.

2. Missiles that get directly in front of AI (and a tiny bit to the side if their weapon is fat enough, or MFs) with lasers and some pulse weaponry will collision code missiles (and fighters/slaves/drones) if their target is out of range.

Then we have the set DPS issue. Missiles do a set dps and cannot be augmented (ignoring Gunner class), so AI that have greater regen/resist will not be killed very easily, and their high energy requirements mean a pure missile route may be hard without good missiles. And finally, missiles cost MONEY to create and most of us don't build our own factories.

It's not particularly cost effective for a pure missile setup, especially if you're going after big targets, like Battlestations, Delquads, Rocs (too fast), and Hives. A pure missile setup will take way too long and or get shot down easily.

The only outlier I see are the Red Photon Plasma missiles, which have high damage and high range.

Wed Apr 26, 2017 7:08 pm
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Post Re: Change Missiles
Ok, adressing this now that i have time.

1) The energy to damage ratio of missiles is entirely reasonable and appropriate. Large Kenetic Missiles fire 5 missiles that do 6000 or so damage each, and consume 5k elec. THis comes to 6 DPE. Large AP comes to 8 DPE. My zerkers Bubble Splaters do 8 DPE, so that is pretty much on par with what they should be at that level.

2) My Shrimp Missle Bay has a recharge of 5 seconds. Assuming i am simply firing blindly (IE not moving in and out of range due to last years range nerf) this would be a DPS of 6k for kenetics and 8k for AP. That is SIGNIFICANTLY BELOW what my ships weapons do.

3) We JUST NERFED THEM last year.

TO summarize, Missiles fulfil a critical role in protecting travel ships from random AI, and are not even remotely on par with equivalent weapons now that the Class Skill progression if fixed. Why are we nerfing balanced content, this is not a good way to get more people to join the game...


Wed Apr 26, 2017 8:13 pm
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Post Re: Change Missiles
If anything is done with missiles I'd rather see changes to the specialty missiles that (I believe) are gunner locked. Example: flare missile. Instead of having to target a sneaky ship (that you cant see in the first place) make it so that it give +vis debuff in galaxy if fired into a sun or something similar for 5 secs. Give it a gigantic launch energy to prevent spamming.

Sat May 06, 2017 2:02 pm
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