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Post Re: Make Terraforming BP give a perminent item.
All right, so we talked about this at the content meeting and unfortunately we decided not to take action at this time. The problem is that we are really not happy with the way colonies work in the first place and not convinced this change will make a big enough difference. Our position is that if colonies are too finicky for newer players, those players should just get involved with ICs instead. And yes, this statement applies to P2P.

If you are F2P you can still trade ICs manually in Wild Space. One of the only restrictions on your gameplay is that you aren't allowed to create bases in Wild Space because those are what really end up costing us money (it takes a lot of server time to keep track of bases). We view it more as an easter egg that you can even do colonies profitably in the Earthforce Layer, so we aren't willing to make it even easier than it already is.

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Wed May 03, 2017 7:28 am
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Post Re: Make Terraforming BP give a perminent item.
I know its a rough idea but I would like to know how Psion Icicles as fuel is noob-friendly, given that you won't see it for a good string of galaxies and ai bases such as Absolution don't even have enough.

At the start of a uni I temporarily deployed bases in a galaxy multiple jumps away from me to extract such commods to fill my needs, if it was fuel instead I would have to have that base for the remainder of the Uni, given that expanding beyond your means is considered unacceptable by the playerbase I would like to know how this circumstance would be considered acceptable.

Gravity Controllers and the such? Right now if your on a team you only need 1 person with the factories to produce the commods you need if this was turned into fuel all of a sudden multiple people would need factories (I doubt the consumption rate would be low).

That said, I did terraforming for the first time this Uni, right now terraforming commods I treat like base augs, I produce a bunch that I need, store em in my singularity sphere (Base aug and gears sizes got significantly reduced, so Thatches will work just great) and I'm ready to go.

Why is a new player learning to get into colonies concerned about terraforming anyway? Surely the first thing you should be telling him is to get a CA character, there are enough planet suitability combinations for a CA 20 Char (Level 1k) to get around 110% suitability, a few of these can net you a couple billion a day (This is what I did last uni in a random w2 gal).

So in short from a mid-level player I don't see this improving thing, the fuel mechanic is already a pain in the arse to manage to begin with for that matter.

Edit: I do hope you realise Earthforce layer is intentionally not meant to be good (Up for debate if it should be this way)? to be honest when I found how limited it is I ditched it and jumped into wild space, best decision I ever made.

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Wed May 03, 2017 9:14 am
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Post Re: Make Terraforming BP give a perminent item.
psion icicles horrible to get for endgamers never mind noobs.


Wed May 03, 2017 10:27 am
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