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Post Re: instead of the nerfbat, get creative with Mastodon inste
dreadlordnaf wrote:
reyjalrm wrote:
Just looked at the stats between EFDN and Mastodon. Mastodon is still 10x better than an EFDN, even in the tanking aspect.

Not sure how accurate the stats are, but it has 2x the hull space, is faster, has much more in-built stats, the best fighter launcher in t20 range, and has a really strong super item.

I think that if players want different themes on a cap ship it should go on a new cap ship as a choice and not to make an strong ship even stronger.

As for the amounts of fighters it used to have, it was broken and wayyyyyy outside the balance curve. I mean, the fighter gen was better than the best end end game fighter launcher by a long shot. I am sure the ship after the nerf is still not balanced.

As for auras, terrible idea, slaves should not be able to use or have auras. If it does have an aura, it should be nerfed so it's not this useful (ie 0-1 aug slot instead of 2). Most ships that have in-built auras are not useful as combat slaves.

Not sure what stats you are looking at bro..

EFDN resistances: 50% 50% 50% 80% 50% 50% 20%

Mast resistances: 57% 51% 45% 77% 25% 45% 24%

Mast is better in laser, slightly in mining, and a mere 1% better in energy, but is weaker to surg, physica, and especially heat which is a key damage type in PPS.

EFDN hull bonus: 600% shields and energy +30% critical resist

Mast hull bonus: 650% shields and energy +20% critical resist

Mast is slightly better yes but with less crit resist also. But when you end up having like close to 1000% total shield bonuses with gear and augs, the +50% doesnt equate much of an advantage. I didnt list the other in-built because they are useless in this example. The Mast is a fighter boat. If you want to compare direct damage-type in-built stats, then you have to compare the Mast to a PBF and its in-built stats, and in that comparison it loses across the board in almost every way.

EFDN fighter bays with bunny warren: 5
Mast fighter bays: 6

Speed also goes to mast, but meh... That is mainly a convenience issue remedied by travel fields.

So overall as a fighter boat the Mast is slightly better. 20% better in DPS for fighter bays, tankiness though I would say even less, maybe 5 to 10% better than EFDN if multiplied out how much damage it could take with its shields divided by resistances. Though with heat damage its probably equal or worse than EFDN.

But is it 10x, or 1000% better. Not even close dude. And its way more difficult to make.

you missed the hull space. And 6 fighter slots = 20% more DPS. Also it has dmg and firing stats, meaning it;s good for gunner.

This is a sad attempt to make a ship that works for both FC and Gunner, mkes it op since you could probably make a FC use weapons on it effectively.

This ship is still op

also, saying resists are bad for 1 zone is not an argument, does it make players not use it in PPS? no, it does not.

Wed Jun 28, 2017 4:21 pm
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Post Re: instead of the nerfbat, get creative with Mastodon inste
Give Mastodon a inbuilt that launches a medium sized Panther,Zebra,Rhino and a Lion fighter to make it unique to a EFDN

Never quit that is not a option

Sat Jul 01, 2017 5:21 pm
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