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Post Nightmare Dungeons
Rehash of an old suggestion of mine that predates Ncc Intrepid.

So basically, if you have the Infernal Darkness mission, if you warp through the Infernal Tempest gate, you actually end up in Darkness. Missions can control which galaxy/instance you actually enter.

Based on this, earlier dungeons can be remade into tougher, more challenging dungeons intended for larger squads or higher tech players, effectively generating new content without having to go through a long development process.

Depending on the intended difficulty of the dungeon (for example, a very high end Bonnet could be made for T22 players; original Bonnet is actually a T13-T16 zone), multiple ranks can be explored.

These “Remastered” dungeons would have all manner of increased difficulty from:
Enemies that deal more damage, have higher range, are stealthier, and withstand more damage
Enemies that deal different damage types and or have different weapon effects
Different mechanics to enemies/bosses/events (such as GSA spawn)

Loot would initially be the same, just larger amounts. Later on, additional loot tables for higher end items can be added (such as Twisted gear from T22 Serengeti Nightmare).


Serengeti Nightmare:

Populated by Zebra Veterans, Panther Veterans, Rhino Veterans, Lion Veterans, Mastodon Veterans. These are normal spawned and gate guardian AI.

Zebra Veterans MF 2 Veteran Torpedoes, dealing high DPS at short-medium range, SF a long range physical “superlaser” (like an ada SL)
Panther Veterans have a triple bullet short range “burst” pulse gun..
Rhino Veterans have a long range catapult weapon and deploys a high dps (but short range) DPS drone.
Lion Veterans MF 5 Lion Incinerator type weapons and have an Ungodly Lust type tractor that pulls them to you. Laser sidearm (MF 5) slows target.
Mastodon Veterans MF 2 heavy capital lasers with solid DPS at medium to long range. At short range they use MF 2 rapid fire splashing physical lasers.

Special Forces versions spawn as guards, as Mini bosses, at random intervals in normal levels, and if you take too long waiting outside (script, timer based).

SF Zebras carry an aura that boosts range and RoF of allies and also MF 3 Zebra Spitters.
SF Panthers have a super ambush item that blinks them behind a random target and fires a nasty surgical laser at it (ethereal).
SF Rhinos also deploy a healing drone in addition to their original dps drone.
SF Lions have the Lion Tweak.
SF Mastodons have a Deathblossom and launch radiation missiles.


Serengeti Nightmare
Infernal Darkness Nightmare
Olympus Nightmare
Kidd’s Nightmare
Red Photon Nightmare
Black Night Mare (heh, get it?)
Iq’ Bana Nightmare
Snake Hole Nightmare
Copper 1497820131185
Lunacy Asylum Nighmare (would need to be recalibrated as an actual dungeon)
Bonnet Nightmare (T20)
Jungle Nightmare (T20)

Tue Sep 19, 2017 3:31 am
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