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Post T22 Wattage (Not Resistance)
Since the Resistance is not actually a T22 Wattage, but a similar ship that fulfills a different role, and quite a lot of people want more options and the ability to upgrade their lower tech ships that they found fun to play in to higher tech levels...

Also we only have 1 large hull T22 HF in the Subhatt (and 3 large hull T21 HFs the Hybrid Lion, the Wattage, and the Evening Fury)

Stats are up to dev team, but honestly I don't see a huge deal since the goal is to continue the actual Wattage stats. So I would risk saying more hull, more speed, and a bit better shipaugmods.

Blueprint for ship upgrade drops from George Ohm and the bp and ship upgrade itself from the Electrified George Ohm. Will present at meeting if devs don't get to this sooner. Hopefully we can use the Resistance (or even a Yellow) texture.

Tech 22
Hull 1300
Speed 85
Augs 3
Weps 8
Size 120
Vis 90
Reflect 300%
Weight 1,200,000
Laser 50%
Energy 60%
Heat 45%
Physical 45%
Radiation 0%
Surgical 35%
Mining 55%
Trans -10%
Docking Speed 10
Watt Capacitor
Energy Max +30%
Energy Recharge +30%
Turning +50%
Damage +25%
Electric Tempering -30%

Fri Dec 29, 2017 2:11 pm
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