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Post The Need to Moderate Against Copyright Infringement!
Copyright Infringement & Moderation of Team, Character and Base Names:-

Star Sonata is an Institution for Characteristic Online-Multiplayer Game-Play, but it should never, in any way shape or form, manner or characteristic, infringe on golbal copyright-agreements!

All too often in MMO's you see such illegal detraction from copyrighted materials that it is an afront to any "fan's" of the original materials, and a breach of any good and proper MMO's Administration to allow such infringements!

S.S. should Heavily Moderate Character Names, Team Names and Base Names, all to make sure people arnt using ANY form of Movie-Reference or Trade-Mark Statement's!

Team Names should initially be for example, "Team 1087" untill such time as a Moderator has Approved their name!

Character Names should initially be, for example "Player 2186937" before such time as the Moderator has approved the chosen title!

Base names should remain as the typical "PlayerName Base 8037" again before such time as a good Moderator has had the time to approve such a Name!

Base Descriptions also need to be moderated for such breaches, not just general offensive language!

This should be done to make sure that Star Sonata DOESNT breach in any way Global Copyright, and also such that S.S. Never offends any "Fan's" of such Copyrighted Materials; after all, Star Sonata is and should be ITS OWN THEME, NEVER trying to be a, for example, Mix of Copyrighted Movies, say ship appearences, names of AI's etc etc...

If you dont see my point on this, then you are no doubt allready in defection of World Wide Law on the Issue.

If you do see my point, then its time for SS to be Heavily Moderated in this regard!

I could sight a few current team names for such a breach, but I shall leave that up to the moderators!

Personally I find such obvious offences towards good Hollywood Effort to be utterly abhorrent and an imediate and confronting detraction from my appreciation for such Entertainment as it was always meant to be remembered!!

This is why I have always formed "Normal" Character NAMES and "Neutral" non-comparative/detracting Team Names! Neutral References that also try not to offend anybody, except only to annotate good and proper S.S. related Indignation!

If Administration wishes, they could Forum-PM me regarding the 3 particularly obvious Teams that would seem to appear to be in breach of Universal Pictures Copyright, and the 4th Team that has Characters and Bases that also breach the above Copyright mandate!

Yet, considering, enough research and general foresight for good Hollywood Copyright should mean that Admin's shouldnt need to pm me, just get the appropriate moderation complete on the issue please, and pronto!

There wouldn't be a Knight if it wasn't for the Black-Smith!

Sun Mar 17, 2019 1:38 pm
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Post Re: The Need to Moderate Against Copyright Infringement!
Here are some rather rough examples of what someone could say regarding this issue in All-Chat as candid as they may actually be feeling:-

"Yeah Man, get his point do you? I'm sick to death of being reminded of a great old movie, or an awesome series, especially when its been made an apparently deliberate mochery of by some inane twat...!"

"Yeah I dont want to be reminded of Star-Trek is so many twisted and F***** up ways in so many games - something needs to be bloody done about it!"

"Yeah Mate, Come up with something original and theme'o'logical to the game your playing guys, Dont make reference to your favourite movie or most hated series!"

"I agree: It really berates me when some idiot poses around like he thinks he's doing a movie a favour when all he's doing is stuffing up how someone who hasnt seen the movies might feel the day they finally do!!"

I guess you can see that I no doubt agree with the point, by now, so should the rest of you!

I am otherwize known as the Clone with the Alter-Ego!

Sun Mar 17, 2019 3:40 pm
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