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the Earthforce E.D.E.N. Shell
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Author:  Lt Aura [ Mon Sep 09, 2019 9:21 am ]
Post subject:  the Earthforce E.D.E.N. Shell

a PIll like neuro tweak generator obtainable in SOL via the earthforce mission chain
or possibly the junkyard as a neuro pill im not the developer you are.

the generator will be used similar to other NT generator's combined with the coding used on the glacial superweapon that forms ice around yer ship
the effects being
a complete 0 visibilty status,
resistance to all to 100% accept for mining wich will be 30%
causing 0% thrust
or turn for approx 120 seconds,
accompanyd by a burst of energy and shield recharge +200%
at the charge cost of 50k energy
and 20 energy a second to maintain
inertial dampening and weight 100% (essentially a really hard rocky shell)
followed by a +100% weapon recoil
-100% damage to all
for 30 seconds
Cooldown period and after use charge period 12 minutes
tech area about 15 no ship lock requires IK 10 and Peacekeeping 10

just seems like a nifty perk if yer getting your engine handed to you.
your welcome for my creative mind. even if it costs you your sanity.

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