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Post Remove Bonuses to Wild Bots Capture more powerful AI instead
Currently there seem to be a few issues regarding Wild Bots. They are tedious and annoying to find, easy to capture when you find them as they are generally weak AI and seem to have ridiculous bonuses in order to try and make them useful in the end game. In my humble opinion, giving weak AI crazy stat bonuses is highly unnecessary and is just making things more complicated at no benefit to the game-play whatsoever.

To elaborate, say you are a T22 FC and you want Subhatta's. They are quite annoying to look for because the Perilious Space in which you find them is too low level for you do to anything in. Therefore, if you lose these bots in KD, Oly, etc.., you must take time off to go back to lower danger factors and search. This applies not only to Subhattas. Searching low level areas for essential part of your fleet is simply boring and is a bad design.

The crazy bonuses that are given to low power AI in order to compensate for their weaknesses in the end game introduce various issues. Some can be fixed by using nerf capacitors to reduce range/resists like on Green Battleships, but some other issues can't be fixed. Take Subhatta's for instance, they now have such a high ROF that they literally make you and others around lag. It also makes it difficult to determine what bots would be overpowered in FC’s hands what which wouldn’t because you always have to consider layers of bonuses.

Additionally, wild bots seem to have it all in terms of basic stats. Stats like maneuverability, range, rof, thrust etc... And I see that great care is put into roaming AI not having all of the stats. Delquads turn slowly, hives are slow, Ohm’s have low range with their pulses and so on.

I suggest, to simply remove all the bonuses to Wild Bots given by skill “Radiation Expert” and perhaps even the +50% resistance given by skill “Wild Man”. Instead, let players capture end game AI that are similar the current power level of Wild bots.

This way, an FC must focus more on their own bots, to make sure that the FC can “rad” the more powerful AI. Also, the FC never has to leave the field of battle even if the Wild bot/bots die as the enemies they are fighting can be “radded” too. Furthermore, issues with Wild Bots having too high rate of fire to cause lag, flying too fast, having too high range are no longer present and they are just identical copies of AI we kill.

What AI should the players be able to capture? I am sure you could come up with some ideas. A few come to mind for me.
Ohm’s could make useful wild’s and seem to be relatively on par with subhatta’s. These can be found in KD space.
Level 2000 Subhatta’s could be used.
Stellas are also quite interesting.

Additionally, a powerful AI can be made to use up all 60 Wild slots with Wild Man if it is powerful enough on its own. Such bots could be Delquads/Hives? Delquads/Hives would be unobtainable without Wild Man. FC’s would be able to choose between perhaps two level 2000 Subhatta’s and a T18 bot with Bot PHD or a single Delquad/Hive with Wild Man? Such choice could introduce greater variety to playing this class and makes the game more interesting.
Hawks could be made use 30 Wild slots.
I would love to hear your thoughts.

Fri Sep 27, 2019 3:31 pm
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