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Post FC radiation expert weapon idea:
i have a fun idea for a FC weapon,."" Unid. Evacuator "", like the prismatic conversion weapon, it takes over a Neut'd ship, however instead of turning it to your control, It would take control as a rogue friendly ai for a few seconds and target any hostile ai to the predecessing user that fired the weapon,
-it finds target, it tracks target until it can reach proximity to self detonate, the ships weight mass and internal energy and shield would calculate the amount of dps the entire explosion would cause to any nearby ships upon impact causing inertial damp, effects , fire damage and shrapnel effects (physical) gremming effect similar to rat dung-
-infected ship loses contact or is outranged, (becomes unable to complete mission) it self destructs at its current destination, with same said effect,

weapon would be built from a upgraded Prism Conv. however retrieved via Blue photon specified in the Fleet command mission section- for testing prasitic weaponry or possibly be implemented into subspace content,

Weap tech-10
size - 380
weight - 1,200
Energy to fire 1,500 per shot
recoil 15 's
inherits velocity
turning speed ***
max speed 175

add's regenerative shield and energy by +200 for 60 seconds to commandeered ship

added compatability fail chance due to tech level higher tech ships would 1 take longer to take over and 2 possibly deny the parasite causing a safe mode self destruct
( no emmited damage or field effects.

yea its a car bomb in space, but it would be pretty interesting strategicly.

maybe even have a very very low hance the ai corrupts and self targets the player that fired.

Meow 83

Sat Oct 26, 2019 2:48 am
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