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Post The Option to DELETE ACCOUNT
Implement the "Delete Account" Option please

So many other games out there offer the option to delete your account when ever you decide for yourself that you've "had enough" of it! It (the option) is a measure of legal respect for the right's of the player over his "Intellectual Property" (Posession/Ownership! Of the Account).

Not having this option for Star Sonata shows the game to be somewhat Imature compared to the competition, and doesnt allow for the player to exercise a greater level of personal-responsability when he/she feels the need to!

Being able to, and Exercising the "Delete" option via a forum/account login should present the player with a "Disclaimer and Conformation" page, clicking on the "Confirm" button should then result in the player being notified by email that said account, ingame assets, and all related forum topics and reply-posts will be deleted within an alloted time! Perhaps 24-48 hours thus resulting in a 5min shutdown of server for the other players, and a restart for all the assets to be removed!

Its simple enough to implement, and should be done so as soon as possible, as no Court in any modern land would deny the person the actuall right over his Game Account, thus the Administration of Star Sonata needs to promptly recognise this Right and provide all players with the Option!

Sooner rather than later on this one please!


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Thu Oct 25, 2018 4:50 am
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Post Re: The Option to DELETE ACCOUNT
You could always generate a random password, change to it, and then log out.

Hi, I'm Anil, a long-time player turned developer. I am Star Sonata's lead content developer, which means that I run weekly dev meetings and make sure that any proposed changes to the game receive proper review before going live.

Thu Oct 25, 2018 10:25 am
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Post Re: The Option to DELETE ACCOUNT
Depends if your country falls under GDPR rules depends If they legally have too or not. Also, this would be such an uncommon request, so doubt they would implement the option, just message them in a support ticket.

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