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Should Wild Bots be Revamped?
Poll ended at Sun Apr 19, 2020 11:57 pm
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Post Wild Bot Revamp
Wild Bots need to be more. More of what?


Wild bots are fun for the Average Fleet Commander. However, they lack the customization to make them viable and usable on more than your average applications.

Due to this, I propose a new ability to customize Wild Bots using augmenters. At first read, that may sound crazy, and overpowered. Many of the Wild Bots have 7-9 augmenter slots. How could augging them be fair? Well, if using Augmenters is a viable option, then not all of those augmenter slots would be available, and only certain types of augs could be equipped. Using only (Common/Uncommon Augmenters capped at Tech level 20, it seems more viable and less overpowered.

Using the MF Bigger Green as an example. It's has 7 augs. 2 of which (good elec/good firing) are not random, and are always equiped. The other 5 augs are random. I propose the 5 random augs be (destoyable) and through the power of "Astral Injection" insert 5 augmenters of the players choice into the wild bot.

As stated previously, only Common and Uncommon Augmenters are on the table. In addition to this I also propose that the number of Wildbots be reduced to 2 regardless of class, with the FC only (Wild Man) skill retaining the +50% Resistance only.

Yes, this change is proposed to make Wild bots better, legitimate, and more fun.

My body is prepared for the blowback from the playerbase...

Sun Apr 05, 2020 11:57 pm
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