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Add more unique items to the DG boss drop tables.
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Author:  Trakel [ Fri May 22, 2020 8:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Add more unique items to the DG boss drop tables.


Marco, Albatross, Nate, Dark Curse, Barbe Noire, Bart, Speedy Gonzales, Scorch, James Watt, George Ohm, and so on.

Marco: Pax Astro BP and commod
Albatross: Alby aug, Nate Emblem, and Assault Behemoth bp
Nate: Nate Emblem and Emperor Behemoth bp, and presumably a heightened chance for a Caly aug
Dark Curse: Helmet commod, Destroyed Cloak commod, Death Striker bp, Dark Curse Gatling laser
Barbe Noire: Rosmarinus bp and commod, heightened chance for Love Cylinder
Bart: Dark Freighter bp and commod
Speedy Gonzales: Gonzales aug and Neutrinon commod
Scorch: Scorch Cleft Thorn bp, Scorch Immolation bp, and commdo for both of them
James Watt: Wattage aug bp, Wattage ship bp, commod for ship bp
George Ohm: Ohm aug bp, Resistance ship bp and commod, and EDM item.

Serengeti Zebra Prince: Zebra Hooves Torpedoe, Primal Zebra Hooves Torpedoe, Zebra Spitter, Zebra Bite Lasergun, Primal Zebra Bite Lasergun, Zebra Life, Primal Zebra Life, Zebra Muscles, Primal Zebra Muscles, Zebra Hide, Primal Zebra Hide, Zebra Heightened Senses, Primal Zebra Heightened Senses, Zebra Armada Crest, Zaphragi Research Diploma, Primal Zebra Ship Remains, Zebra (ship), Tarnished Imperial Chest.

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