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Make a Medium Rattie Moe boss
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Author:  Max235 [ Sat Jun 13, 2020 3:40 am ]
Post subject:  Make a Medium Rattie Moe boss

Make a Medium-difficulty Undead Rattie Moe boss that drops rat-themed gear including Positronic Brains for Particle/Sing/Quantum Brakes, Zat Rat Broodmother augs and energies, and a 1% chance for a crate containing a Mega Moe Token.

Instanced or not instanced.

Tech 20 boss strength, somewhere between Anthos and Drake.

Original reason for suggestion is requiring a Tech 3 combat ship to get an item used in making T16, T20, and T22 items (the brakes) because Nexus is limited to Tech 3 at most and you need to go through there to get to Rattie Moe.

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