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Post Antu Agniparvata Size Too Large
Antu Agniparvata

Tech 22 Uncommon Weapon
Damage:236 (124.21 DPS, 0.480 DPE)
Recoil 1.9s
Range 390
Tracking 180 degrees
Damage type: Heat
Electricity: 488
Adds 124.21 dps over 30s from Large Fire
On hit does a 2 jump, 500 range chain effect with 50.0% damage decay per jump
Does 11 damage to self
Firing Visibility: 418 for 2s
Capital Ship
Weight 433,000
Size 433

Because this is a low-dps t22 Capital-Ship-only weapon, its size of 433 each feels extreme.

I have tested this weapon on a lvl 3k gunner in Bana King ship, in normal DGs from DF 200 to DF 380. It is useful up to DF 240, occasionally useful in DF 260-280, and essentially useless in DF 300+. It's a nice weapon against hordes of very weak ships, but lacks the punch to do anything beyond farming low-level DGs. Moreover, it takes up so much hull space, I have to restrict myself to 2 sets of 2xMF weapons maximum in order to have any hull space to scoop loot. I usually run 3-4 sets of 2xMF weapons on my gunner, so this is a huge drawback for having enough damage types to deal with multiple challenges.

I am interested to hear from others in the community regarding the size and effectiveness of this weapon.

I have posted a suggestion to the dev team, to review this weapon for balancing, specifically regarding its large size.

If you agree regarding the size issue of Antu Agniparvata, please make your voice heard.

Wed Jun 17, 2020 2:45 am
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