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Trade Deals for ICs
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Author:  thereale11 [ Sun Jun 21, 2020 5:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Trade Deals for ICs

To introduce an additional element of diplomacy into the game as the playerbase continues to grow with new teams, we should introduce the ability to enact Trade Deals within the Team Control Panel.

IC bases that are in an owned gal by a respective team will only allow those team members/bots to dock in that base. An alternative idea is to allow everyone to dock in the AI base but only allow the team members/bots to sell ICs to it. If two teams come to an agreement to "open" their AI bases for business with each other, they can do so within the Team Control Panel.

Important Points
1. Smaller/less experienced teams will be able to sell ICs to bases they control at their own pace, without worrying about veteran players crashing their prices early in the uni.
2. Teams will have to decide who they hold trade deals with based on the variety of IC bases other teams control every uni. IE: teams with excess of mets will want to do deals with teams that have girder bases. This can introduce dynamic relationships between teams.
3. Unilateral trade deals can be offered in exchange for an informal payment of credits.

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