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Author:  MasterTrader [ Mon Nov 04, 2019 2:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Test Server Notes

UPDATED - State of the Test Server as of 11/4/2019
- Adjusted the engines of all Olympus Hero Fighters, they should now be more maneuverable.
- Hephaestus Gizmo now uses chain weapons.
* Change the Matter/Antimatter device from -100% energy and shield recharge for 5 seconds, to -2200 energy and shield recharge for 5 seconds. This puts it in line with other superitems.

Author:  MasterTrader [ Tue Nov 05, 2019 8:45 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Test Server Notes

UPDATED - State of the Test Server as of 11/5/2019
- Space Blue Delta Fighter, Ares War Cart, and Zeus Chair have had references to auras removed.
- Paxian Peacemaker Fighter has been changed from Uncommon to Rare to better reflect the difficulty of obtaining it.

Author:  Markoz [ Mon Nov 23, 2020 3:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Test Server Notes

When is rework going to be patched in? I assume 1st December

Author:  Markoz [ Thu Jun 10, 2021 3:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Test Server Notes

Looks like the rework is in and its 90% a waste of time and destroys almost everything it touched.

The positives:
Small sized loot.
Emp drone controller no longer a stat stick item.

The negatives:
Broken parasites.
Broken exterminators.
Broken shields.
Broken energies.
Broken engines.
Broken weapons (laser damage type missing, ethereal choices are broken)
Broken resistances.
Removed in-built ship items.
Broken solar panels.
Broken shield chargers.
Broken diffusers.
Broken item stacking in inventory lists. (player and base)
Broken bosses.
Missing warp beacons.
Broken stretched textures on ships.
Broken ship sizes visually.
Broken drone controllers.
Replaced magic making shields out of thin air with monkey's to thieving magic shields from AI's (traded one problem for another).
Healing is a removed mechanic.
Broken drones.
Broken classes.
Zen skills that devalue all items in game.
Spawning suns everywhere to account for broken solar panels.
Broken tweaks thanks to inflated energy and shields being broken.
Broken augmenters.
Broken AI's (don't know what beam resistance is, ignores it) (Runs away out of there own weapons range?).
More lag in Sol.
Broken engine effects.

The things that should of been fixed:
Fix ship flicker/glitching
Hotkey multiple stacking
Fixing all models in game to the correct rotation and keep track of assets.
Adding a search box to the galaxy map.
Fixing the chat resizing.
Add a UI scale setting.
Updating the mission section with videos/audio
Updating the skill tree to be draggable and move more skills from stations into it like Zen's.
Replacing the poor solar panel / shield charger recharge mechanic and put it into the shield and energy. Or just make it happen without touching items or the whole universe.
Supporting multiple languages.
Update the UI layout.
Introduce SM22
Remove weight from loot items.
Improve the engines by like 100% more.
Remove Zen %'s and put back as +.
Make the tooltip a tooltip where you can click on parts to get more info.
Improve the chat by making it highlightable, links, item highlights when mentioned.
Make a in-game Wikipedia by providing players with a items you know list with tooltip ability.
Make the Wikipedia more obsolete by putting what is missing in the game.
Fire/demote Enk from management role he's had his chance time for someone with common sense.
Fix engine positionings
Make weapon position sources/turrets in 3D coordinates.
Make all Transwarps move your following bots regardless of distance with you.
Remove all aura effects when main boss is dead, kill the sector of existing mobs, and sector auras.
Return drones back to original method when drone is charged it requires no more energy to deploy.
Restore the Forum.

Probably so much more... so much more.

In other words FIX THE GAME.

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