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Post Anti-Dev's

Here's something I'd like you lot to think about, as its not just possible, or likely, its actually more of a certainty! What constitutes one can either be deliberately malicious, or due juvenile psychological disposition; so let me explain.....

Typically, or at least traditionally, in the real sense, before such things as Bulliten-Board Services (B.B.S.), or the arrival of the Internet (W.W.W.); Computer Software, be it O.S., Utility or Entertainment, needs someone, or a group of people, to Develop it first - this we've all come to affectionately call a Developer, or "Dev."!

Now such talent required an exceptional (professional) level of computer programming skill and a good understanding of computer architecture for software to be of retail quality - to the point where "Programming House's" or individual Developers would have their own unique methods to achieve particular goals (software capabilities), and would thus compete for the Retail-Dollar as far as programming prowess (performance) was concerned.

These days, as it relates to a majority of software coming from the internet (and public domain! P.D.), so called Developers can range from actual Professionals or Amature Programmers to lesser so-called Content-Providers! Most of which are attempting heart-felt contributions to our worlds software-archives or entertainment-choices! There is one other catagory, a bit of an ofshoot, and quite the menace to proper programming software heritage, and that is the Cracker or Hacker!

True Developers, in actual definition, are just the Professional Programmers (!); the type of person who can look at all development material for someone else's software and properly re-write it to achieve change or improvement, compared to the Cracker (Hacker) who simply observes the program's function in memory, and add's "over the top" changes as an adjunct to the original work, to attempt to achieve differential, which in actual fact, screws up the designed function of the original software, which leads to "Buggy" performance and other "Laggy" issues with the apparent function of such software for the User.

These people that just make new Content and attempt to Add it to software are just that, Content Providers, and NOT Developers! Now there's nothing wrong with enthusiasm for new content, and nothing wrong with attempting to provide it to the development team for a software re-release, or upgrade; but their certainly can be (something wrong with it), if these Providers "miss the plot" of the original software and attempt to take the "nature of the game" away from its original unique-tangent, and more to the point, there undoubtedly is more than something wrong with it, if these providers attempt to coerce the Development Team's heading with the software such that it DOES deviate from the original copyrighted software's disposition!

This is where we start to get to the point of what can be called "Anti Development initiative's"!

What's ultimately worse than "Improper Content Submissions", be them accidental enthusiasm aside from original Copyright, or juvenile desire to have things "change" for want of a singular perspective; is People, being professionally capable, or just amature, that come along, con the actual Dev-Team into letting them onboard, then continue to push their juxtopositional ideas forward to the point where the software changes, drastically, and rather improperly, where the true nature of these peoples intentions WAS to DELIBERATELY affect the Ideology of such software, the performance of such software, and even the security of such software, and possibly also for deliberately miss-appropriated personal gain, or effective malice towards others!

The reality of the internet is that you have the Allied "Provider" side of it, and the remaining "Axis (Communism)" side! Now that "Communist" side of it is full of people DELIBERATELY trying to do all these terrible things to software that we other siders would never want - the deliberate bugs, the deliberate "nerfing" of the enjoyment factor etc or performance, the deliberate syphoning of your internet (torrenting) without your knowledge etc, the flauting of the law even to the point of trying to get the user in trouble, or worse still, to do things like steal your identity or bank account etc etc..............

These Anti-Developers exist, and there are a hell of a lot of them! And yes, they are deliberately trying to wriggle their way onto genuine development teams for all the wrong reasons, and my point is, THAT is why you see so many, if not actually ALL, online games suffer defeatest changes over time, changes that dont make sense for the original popularity or performance of the software, changes that you'd be sure an old 1980's boss would sack the bastard over, because the product wouldnt be flying off the shelf anymore!!!!!

Be Ware of these Anti-Dev's, they'll bullshit their way onto the team with any excuse they can muster, find, plagerise or con you into believing! And when they get on, they can be persuasive enough to lead you to believe that their idealism for changes is "the way forward", when in actual fact, professional programmers (like myself! Although a little "Rusty") would be telling you till their black and blue in the face on your Forum's, that such "Development Progress" is nothing good for the Software or Game!

Star-Sonata(2) is one awefull example of the eventuality of "Anti Development", beyond a shadow of a doubt, and one hell of a pitty at that! And I'd almost go so far as to "Bet a Bit-Coin" on that being actual-fact! (Or at least, its suffered terribly Juvenile, and less than Professional, changes).

So: Case in Point, The Sufferance of the "Anti-Dev", and how it(they) can quickly ruin a Game, or Software Title!

Make sure your not Conned, make sure your software isnt ruined, and if your Copyright is breached in any such above described manner - Prosecute to the full extent of the Law. We User's would expect nothing less!

Now - Dont say that I didnt warn you! ("As-If it wasnt Obvouisly anyways....!")

P.S: As usual, my spelling's not the best, and a little too phonetic for any sticklers out there, but anyone with half a brain know's what I'm saying! Now all you "Troll's" or Antagonist's in actual fact, can shut your fracking faces, I dont care for your reply post's when its obvious you either didnt read everything I said, or barely understood it all, or are simply attempting to stroke your own wookie's (Ego's)! Any other reasonably Intelligable reply post's, I might be interesting in discussing, but you wont see any reply's to reply's from me, as I've made my point, its a genuine and valid one, and it needed to be made.....

There wouldn't be a Knight if it wasn't for the Black-Smith!

Tue Jan 09, 2018 1:27 pm
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Post Re: Anti-Dev's

Star Sonata is not ready for a release on Steam. See this topic for what we think should be done about it.

Tue Jan 09, 2018 2:18 pm
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Post Re: Anti-Dev's
He just called the entire dev team fascist/communist for reworking, rebalancing, and or nerfing any portion of the game because the only "original, and true prophet" developer left is Jeff.



Tue Jan 09, 2018 4:52 pm
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Post Re: Anti-Dev's
thecrazygamemaster wrote:


Tue Jan 09, 2018 5:20 pm
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