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Post Humanity Today
Humanity Today!

One would think that it's customary to at least try and be nice to each other! Its the sort of reason why we have the United Nations; its a good initiative to begin with at least. Otherwize anybody is aware of the turmoil that can result from a disposition that doesnt respect Human diversity on this planet.

Social Media is a self-defeatest abomination apon our collective Nationalities, as it bridges the cultural divide, and threatons the socialogical stability of our societies. If only each Country or Nation had its own isolated and individualised intra-net, to the point where Economic Link's were the only International Traffic and cultural disposition didnt impact on each others sense of tranquility and identifiable citizenship!

Simply put; any phillosopher would agree: that the simple fact that humanity is so culturally (nationally) diverse, is without doubt why our Race (the Human Race!) is so strong in the face of any potential Alien Incursion into our sector of space! If they (the aliens) defeat one of our Nations, there is always a DIFFERENT nation to contend with, and that nation is just as strong as all the others that wait to defend us Human Beings, on this old Earth, together!

So why the freaking Hell do we all, as a divergent species, broadside each other regarding our cultural heritage, or civil backgrounds, when genetically, we all wouldnt be as strong as we are if it wasnt for all of us in the first instance?!

Humanity today could do with a dose of humility for the sake of its diversity, and it can all start with a simple notion to try and respect each other, regardless of opinion, colour of skin, or civil disposition!

Did I proof-read that... er no... hehe ;-}

I am otherwize known as the Clone with the Alter-Ego!

Sat Jan 13, 2018 11:08 am
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Post Re: Humanity Today
Yeah, I agree whole-heartedly...

Perhaps we should all take a step-back from ourselves and realise that the power of our Species is the fact that we are all different!

And "YEAH", if Aliens attack and manage to figure out American technology etc. and defeat the U.S.A., they would suddenly have "Old Mother" Russia to deal with, who's different technologically, linguistically etc, and that advantage would be where the old U.S.S.R.'s Spirit would invoke the first-strike of revenge for the sake of all Humanity!...

If the mighty Russian Federation was to also fall, the Wrath of China (or perhaps Asia as a whole!) would mute the aliens tenfold for their egress apon Human Space....

Surely Humanity would Survive....

But what's the point if we dont all respect each others diversity?

And that is the point.... Well Said!

And yeah, as for the Internet as it stands at the moment, I too would like to see Continentally Individual Instances of the Internet, it would make for greater security of Humain-Knowledge, as the aliens would no doubt have to deal with many a different standard of protocole to break, before they could infultrate...

Social Media is also something that berate's me too.... Opinion is not a Rite, its a Privilege! Perhaps we should be more mindfull of each others right to individualism, as it has been afforded us by the "Old Kingdom"!

Someone once said, "S.S. Rules!"... It Does!

Sat Jan 13, 2018 12:05 pm
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Post Re: Humanity Today
If I was a technologically advanced alien race wanting to conquer the earth...why in the universe would I land on earth and parley with the nations on their level?

I would sit in orbit and place kid with magnifying glass vs ants with my kinetic impact weapons until humanity is gone.

Sat Jan 13, 2018 12:30 pm
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Post Re: Humanity Today
I'f I was an Alien, perhaps I'd suggest that Humanity "Mind its Nose!"... But other than that, perhaps I'd rekon that Humanity has more than enough in its arsenal to defeat my posthumous projectiles, if I was to aim them at them!

It would seem to me that Humanity has more than enough capability to discharge its stature for its prepondancy, to the point where most alien species, like my own, would thus reject any advances apon their long faught, and well mastered disposition!

Humanity has quickly earned a reputation, among my alien counterparts, to be reviered amongst us all, to the point where we almost recoil at their reconitorus attempts at self justification - least it be said that we dair not fear them, as they are as strong to defend themselves, as we may be to assert our notions apon them!

A Dragon-Fly, A Bee, An Ant, A Slater-Betle; Lesser forms of life they say? Or forever destine to re-inherit the planet's!!

Sat Jan 13, 2018 3:34 pm
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