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Radio-Wave Stuff, How bad is it really?
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Author:  lazerus [ Sat Sep 01, 2018 6:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Radio-Wave Stuff, How bad is it really?

WARNING:- (Disclaimer)
The following post is scientific and confronting in nature and requires a deftly mature-mind to comprehend!
Do NOT attempt to read this without Adult-Supervision if you are under the age of 18/21, it is likely to disturb you more than it may help you!

Radio-Wave (E.M.R/F.) Saturation of our Environment and its Effects apon our Lives

Excessive Electro-Magnetic Radiation (Frequency Emissions) of our environment, namely Wireless Technology, Mobile Phone-Towers, Digital Broad-Band (Wide Band!) Televesion Transmiters/Satelites and BlueTooth all constitute a technological abomination apon every facet of our being, infact all forms of life in every way, to the point that we are all suffering a myriad of symptoms and even disease.... The Unrest its causing across the planet is palpable...

Its almost as if we, as Earthly societies, have lost our wisdom when it comes to what's feezable and what's not for our technologically focused existance!

We used to have (In Australia) F.C.C. Class Radio Regulations, which would never have allowed such super-mega intense radio-wave towers, would never have alowed EVERY house to have a crazy hyper-radio-communicator box, every car a mind-fritzing talky device... You couldnt even have too many C.B.Radio User's in a given residential area... oh how massive a mistake it was to "De-Regulate" the Industry and allow such technological implementations apon our societies and lives!

From the sudden propensity of Hyperactivity Dissorder in young people, to the general lack of tranquility around the world (Civil Unrest Factors..!), these Telco's that have foolishly believed that all this radio-wave stuff is "ok", and the governments that have blindingly supported it (cow-towed to the nieve Will of the people!); we find ourselves in a daily environment of such tension, eppileptic fit, mental neurological cluster malformation dissorder, accellerated dimensia, tinnitus, hyperactivity insomnia, hyper nodal nevous-plexi cluster dissorder etc etc etc... the list gets worse as they implement from 3g to 4g to 4gx and oh-noooo, 5g soon!


It is effecting the evolutionary progression of our species, infact all species, Flora AND Fauna!

What the world needs is CABLE... we can have all the land-line data we want, all the cable-tv we could ever need, and all the Telephone-Booth's we could ever require, as long as we dont do all this crazy hysterical radio-wave crap that's driving us all up the wall and dropping us off behind the wheel and making us all loose our minds; we should find ourselves able to sleep at night once more, happy enough to be around each other, and generally back to happy peacefull lives.....

I could go into far more scientific details about how electron-impulse and ion-radiation is effecting our tissues, muscular, neurological and nervous function, but I do believe I've done that sufficiently in the past!

All I can do today is re-iterate that such implementations on our World constitute, and will no doubt do so in law soon enough, "Technolocial Crimes Against Humanity", and serve to make our Species finally aware that certain things we could Invent and Use in our daily lives, may not, and thus should not, ever be put into practice!

Its thus a pitty that world-governments didnt realise this in the first place and Perpetuate said F.C.C. Class Regulations (or the like!) for the sake of Man-Kind into the future!

Nuf said, for now at least.

Basically - all this radio-wave crap is making you go nuts at a million miles an hour, charging your body in its entirety up like a circuit capacitor till you go mad, messing with your sensory organs like your hallucinating, making your muscles twitch to the point where you loose controll of a vehicle... etc! get it?

"Turn the Shit-OFF Man, dont say I didnt warn you.... dont want to become a Skitzoid-Zomby with no controll over your cluster-fucked self do you?!"


Author:  The White Wizard11 [ Sun Sep 09, 2018 12:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Radio-Wave Stuff, How bad is it really?

Times change, people adapt. Most of them anyway.

Author:  lazerus [ Fri Feb 21, 2020 12:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Radio-Wave Stuff, How bad is it really?

The White Wizard11 wrote:
Times change, people adapt. Most of them anyway.

My whole point to you is that the Human Being CANNOT adapt to this level of Ion-Impact, and natural attempts to react to it will result in definable abnormality! It is a known fact that current levels of exposure actually constitute a registrable MCVER Level (Beyond Save Backgroud Radiation Levels!)!!....

You WILL Suffer Simptoms, be them potentially many and varied. Your Neurology, your Nervous System.... as stated!

Author:  lazerus [ Sat Feb 22, 2020 7:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Radio-Wave Stuff, How bad is it really?

Just to finish-off on the subject once and for all:-

Electrical Charge

Just as a hot piece of metal will eventually heat up a nearby piece of metal, so will the radio-wave energy eventually over-charge the body, in its entirety, not just its neurons or nerves!

This means that the human brain will be unnaturally overall charged! This is sure to be akin to epilepsy and a form of mega-dimensia... I hate to think of some of the potential effects apon someones Spirit, MIND and Body!

So the W.H.O. is so terribly wrong when it says there's nothing to be afraid of or wary of when being in an environment saturated in heavy radio-wave emissions and frequency's!

Our modern environment world-wide is so terribly unnatural to exist in now, to the point where I honestly believe Humanity is making a grave mistake with this technology.

Drying things out and heating them up, over exciting everything from the trees to the ants and the apes...climate change, of another sort to boot!


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