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Humor and Juxtoposition - A Short Story
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Author:  earther [ Wed Sep 05, 2018 2:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Humor and Juxtoposition - A Short Story

The Woman from NeKrusket

First of all, this woman, from NeKrusket, was often confrunted with the dilema of practially never having a Crusket! Despite her raw demeaner, and afluent character, she couldnt help being sphixated with such need to the point where her day would lie in ruin.

One of the worst experiences she could recount, without the need to charm the pants off of her imaginary Butler, would be that whenever she did manage to find a Crusket, it was so old that it would crumble in her sweaty hands.

Alot of people used to think that the woman from over in NeKrusket was always a bit of a show off, with her long hair, her bushy eyebrows and her tail-wag of a walk! Only a few of her most estute admirers would ever dare to approach her in a biscuit shop and complement her on her choice of brand regarding that ever so large box of Cruskets.

The truth was that nearly every time she went to buy some lovely fresh Cruskets, confusion would reign supreme in the presence of more than two choice of brands. Those priapic admirers of hers would usually steer clear of her presence when she was so frantic the Butler was nowhere to be seen!

Some older citizens used to suggest that her fits of hysteria were no fault of her own facinations, yet simply a result of biscuit company's going out of their way to satisfy demand.

Apparently the classiest of her admirers had close tie's with these citizens, and the woman from NeKrusket could often be forgiven for a sheepish glance to the side, above or below, as she realised that the community around her was almost always more than she had imagined, especially when she'd rather stuff her face full of nice, new, fresh Cruskets!

It didnt take long for the woman from NeKrusket to get fat, not that the least of her admirers really cared, but she would still perpetuate a friendly grin at the most estate'ly of gentlemen that could always be seen hanging around her Butler when she'd shop for the most expensive crate of nice, warm, Cruskets.

Eventually the old, lazy, overweight, but still ever so friendly, Woman from NeKrusket died at the solom old age of 137, only the legend of her life was the driving force for people to attend her funeral, perhaps her lasting legacy was that the way the company's filled her casket with Crusket's, and the fact that such a photograph was used as an advertising campaign thereon....!

Author:  Max235 [ Wed Sep 05, 2018 2:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Humor and Juxtoposition - A Short Story

cool story, LAZERUS

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