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Post The Phenomena of "It's All Goett"
It's All Goett - An inevitable view often formed for any M.M.O.G.

"It's All Goett" is what we used to say... Haha, our (the actuall players) way of letting "Him/They" know that we're on to their tricks, methods and quite particularly, practices apon us all!

Like so many other weird sayings that S.S. accumulated, this was perhaps one of the more peculiar. But despite it being for lack of better title, we all knew what the sudden All-Chat reference meant...

Need I spell it out for the uninitiated? When some one mentioned that in reply to a current conversation, it typically meant that "They/HIM" was buggerising us around again with his deplorable tactics to dominate the arena, and sometimes worse, demean us for our enthusiasm, ideology or plain old disposition!

Obviously such a game as S.S. require's management, like a portfolio you hand to one or more staff members and say "Go for it", thus the title of the saying!!

We all know that, in such a regard, we're all up against insurmountable odds, what pains us most is that cow-towel'ing to such detestable circumstances can be most humiliating, detremental, and rather defeatest. That's why we hate "that" situation so much, and why we came up with the saying some 8 or more years ago.

So, word of warning to "Him/They": We hate it when you screw with us all, we hate it when you change things on us paying customers so you can dominate us, when all we want is what we were all used to paying for, and being happy with! Which by the way was "Fair Odds".

Case in Point.

Hehehe "IT's ALL Goett!". Classic.

PS: You may be forgiven for agreeing that in some ways, this saying hit a nerve with the genuine, as I used to call him, "Old Server Guy", because he, despite his subordinate staffers, actually used to care about what the paying customer wanted; and thus he knew, you dont "stuff around" your paying customers, even if they are taking a break in f2p land for a while!!

There wouldn't be a Knight if it wasn't for the Black-Smith!

Tue Sep 25, 2018 6:01 pm
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