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Post Beating Drug Dependancy
Breaking the cycle of drug dependancy

Ok, drugs can be addictive, especially if your young and your using them to suppliment how you'd naturally feel anways, simply because you get used to a hightened sense of joy beyond what your normally capable of!

Craving a particular drug again quickly takes precedence over eating well for a long enough time, then having some fun, and naturally enjoying it as a satisfaction! You find yourself figuring that only the drug can help you feel better, forgetting that you can actually feel better naturally!

The best way to quit any drug is cold-turkey, come down off of what ever it is and stay down, its hard as hell and withdrawal can take weeks of frustration, anoyance, grumpy disposition and agressive tendancy's, but the sooner you start, the sooner you'll start to feel better occasionally quite naturally!

Without doubt, there is one and only one legal alternative to all those drugs, and its Alcohole! If you make youself have a good Drink once a week, after some nice food, then deal with the life-aferming lessons of a regular hangover, you'll find that your body is re-setting its ideology for a good time, all thanks to the booze!

Eventually, after about a month or two, all you'll really want to look forward to is that special one night a week when you can get Drunk, as you begin to realise, more and more, that the drink in itself, is satisfying enough, especially with a hangover to deal with the next day!

The Hangover is your friend, its a result of your body being furthur flushed of all that bad Substance you were previously addicted to, resulting in less and less cravings each successive hangover you have, and you'll know it! And that's when you realise that you really do just want the beer, or wine, for a good time!

Eventually the cycle of a once a week booze-up and good food to go with it becomes totally satisfying and you realise that you've finally beaten the bloody drug, case in point to state that its the Hopp's that help make that a reality for the previuosly hopeless drug abuser!

The Alcohole tends to keep you realistic with yourself and your life, the way you behave as a result of enjoying one night a week is tempered by the hangover itself, because the hangover makes you long for a sense of biological normality!

See the point? Well its a truth oh so many could benefit from understanding, and just perhaps, its why Alcohole is Legal around the world!

Try it, it works!


"Dont Party TOO Hearty!"

PS: As a general guide, a 6-pack of strong beer is or should be enough for a good time, for anyone, less than 12 and staying home is how you exercise Responsible Drinking! Any more than that and you'll be ill the next day, not just hang-over! Dont drink for more than 3-6 hours!

PSS: Oh, I didnt bother to proof-read this, sorry. Phonetic Spelling... hehe

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