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Humanity's Tomorrow
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Author:  theguru [ Tue Dec 03, 2019 11:50 am ]
Post subject:  Humanity's Tomorrow

Humanity - The High's and Low's

If only, we as a worldly peoples, had the time and place to respect each other for what we all stand for!

Perhaps, tomorrow, as a day itself, could stand for something that we could all be proud of!

If only then, could we all come together, to form a concort that reflects the nature we all exhibit.

Maybe one day, we will all reflect on that fact that we had been through all this once before, all be it in a time that was far smaller a consideration than today apon all of us!

Again, we all try, again we all battle, again we all strive, again we all feel, and agan we all find ourselves forthright apon a day we can all see comming - a day we will all live to rejoice, as apposed to perhaps a day we all might regret.

Tomorrow will be bright, tomorrow will thrive forward, tomorrow will be that which we all invisage for ourselves....

Tomorrow, that great day....

Again once more perhaps...


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