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Post The Reality of Climate Change
The Reality of "Conservation of the Enviroment" and "Climate Change"

Not all that long after the second World-War, when all this new Technology started to make it into the way of our Societies; Power Stations (+Nuclear!), Manufacture, Products, Engineering, Oil Rig's etc. all put into practice: We as a Race (Human Race!) quickly realised that all this activity, energy and worst of all pollution would be a serious threat to our Environment, its Flora and Fauna, and Us...!

In my time as a youngling, in the mid 1970's and into the 1980's, the World came together, progressively through the impulse of their Scientists, and the will of the People through the education of our Media, to realise that things like "Depletion of the Ozone Layer", Combustion Engine consumption of the Atmosphere, Factory Pollution and Nuclear Power Radiation would all contribute to "Global Warming" and eventually the end of the plethora of life as we know it on Earth!

During that time some of the most impressive pushes for pollution controlls, nuclear containment, vechicle emissions guidelines, pollution processing capabilities for factory's, Conservaion Movements (eg. The "Green" Political Parties!!) and sociological bias, to the point where the world was in a rush to implement all these Climate Management Protocoles.

By the 1990's all of these Climate/Pollution Controlls had not just been implemented in some form across the world, but they had been truly realised to the point of greater and more successfull ideologies achieved - the Measures had evolved, True Environmental Movement had been succeeded apon!

So these days, in post 2000, for all the young people to go around in riot'es mobs jumping up and down vandalising things complaining about climate problems and concerns is not just embarassing, but also a testament to how unfortunately un-educated these people are!

If only they were aware of the ages-old Environmental/Pollution Mandates etc that have been in place in our societies for decades now, perhaps they'd all calm down and actually see no reason to continue their quasi-decentest protests, because in stead, they would see reason to be PROUD of their Societies, realising the great work that is done across the board to care for the Environment, the Planet - Earth and the Wild-Life apon it!!

The Earth is no closer to the Sun than it was back in the 1960's!


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Sat Dec 07, 2019 2:54 pm
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