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Jaundice John - The Extrodinare
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Author:  theguru [ Fri Mar 13, 2020 12:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Jaundice John - The Extrodinare

Jaundice John - The Extrodinare

One apon an epoch there was a fairly funny guy they all called Jaundice John, jaundice because of the colour of his humour, not just the pigment of his complexion. Some say he was as ill as he was funny, others just think he drank too much.

Jats Crackers was John's prefered snack, always the cheese and always, believe it or not, the Mayo! A lepricauns feast would be the best way to describe the eating habit, almost as if the pot of gold was emptied for a festival of fat shaming and fatigue mongoring, despiration, sweat, perhaps even a feavor, all the way to the bank.

The Jetson's having been John's favourite cartoon, culminated in John's life as a routine of rigger, stoicism and laughs, not to mention a spacy paint job on his old V-Dove Beetle. Going to work was always done with grandure almost as if John was on a mission to appease his own huberus.

There was one thing people never saw John doing, and that was using an elevator. Always the stairs with John, wether he was looking a little yellow that day or not, a hangover never got in the way of more exercise, especially when in a mood to wistle dixy!

In actuall fact, there wasnt all that much about John that was extrodinary, except for the fact that he thought there was plenty. Was it a feat of over compensation, or was John that pleased with himself that a look in the mirror offered no compare? You'd think that time would tell, but not for John, tomorrow was another day, one more chance to live a colourfull existance for the sake of it.

No pie eyed bushy tailed lout was going to spoil Johns day, weather he looked a bit sickly or weather he was ontop of the world. Idiots come and go John would think, and he figured he was master of his own vindiction, so he'd just laugh in their faces and muse at the reaction of compression.

Most people that really knew John used to love him for his inane capacity to crack funnys almost out of thin-air, usually when the mood struck, and no sooner than someone else feeling the spark of humour.

Jaundice John - That funny guy over that way that was always laughing at his own jokes!

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