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Post Re: Changes to the Industrial Commodity System and a change
Then the big teams just have to control those 7. Or one team :)

Mon Jul 24, 2017 3:59 pm
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Post Re: Changes to the Industrial Commodity System and a change
DarkSteel wrote:
The max amount a station will buy got increased by up to 5 times so finding places to sell your things at shouldn't ever be a problem. The old system was completely front loaded. Whoever came first got to fill up the station and reap the profits, so we're taking that out.

The problem is how far you have to go to find bases that sell/buy the commods. you will be only able to sell 1/7th the commods at a time now that you have to go to the locations and it just takes so much more time for the same work. I'm strongly against the idea of spreading out the area and increasing the work needed to use IC to something where only high end teams with high end ships can go to each base to exploit its buying.

Mon Jul 24, 2017 5:08 pm
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Post Re: Changes to the Industrial Commodity System and a change
Let the games begin!

Being on the opposite side of the planet to the server has its draw backs, it's nice to get a mention!

anilv wrote:
Antilzah wrote:
But Scyron also said Bad at Games class is pretty good at group content.

We can code an exception for BaG. I'll let Jey know.


Mon Jul 24, 2017 7:25 pm
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Post Re: Changes to the Industrial Commodity System and a change
I think it would be simplest if all IC bases were dealing all IC commods and their consumption of all commods were identical. So basically identical IC AI bases please. New mechanic you are suggesting is RNG dependant on universe generation and promotes trade slave killing wars and that is one of the lamest features in game.

Mon Jul 24, 2017 7:57 pm
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Post Re: Changes to the Industrial Commodity System
ok, how long was the dev that planned this awake for before comeing up with this masterpiece of cluster fuckrey? lets get the obvious stuff first shall we? your IC base likely makes more then one type so under the new system you now have to route your bots for likely an additional 5J each way for each commod unless your lucky enough to have a base in your system, then you only have one bot flying all over the place and risking losing credits and ICs when an AI shoots it or some genius gets the idea to do a drive by shooting and scoops the credits (and if your hauling large amounts of ICs there will be lots of creds on the bot). so so far you have longer trade routes, higher risk of losing commods and credits and you make your bots tempting targets for no life pirate scum whenever they leave team space (or in the case of traders, anywhere in team space, there defenses are crap)
lastly with the lower production and higher caps it will be like how the subspace invasions where, you will end up with a war squad escorting a bunch of spheres that dump huge amounts on the bases and when 2 such squads meet (as they will) its going to be apocalyptic with how ICs will drop from players on death

lets go on to the less obvious stuff now: it will only encourage team wars becouse everyone and there granny will want team protection for there bots (who can blame them when the bots might have 20B on them?) so you will end up with one of 2 outcomes: all out team wars or team wars with turtled core systems and outpost held AI bases with links that change like mad and confuse everyone
the third outcome of everyone getting along is impossible

it might acculey get the devs more money, but for all the wrong reasons as everyone makes hordes of new accs for the base slots for war (whos going to care about using ada kits when you can drop 20 regulars instead of one ada?)

it might also encourage black market "money for IC selling perms" deals
it will also definitely promote "protection" rackets as weak teams try to sell ICs and end up forced to pay just so there IC bases and bots don't get blasted or so they can go to sleep and wake up with more then 75% of team space still alive

it will also drive away players becouse who wants to keep playing after getting there crap repeatably blow up and swiss cheesed?
you will also drive away new players (not there we have any right now) becouse it will only make it harder to get creds (whats you say? make colos, sure, explain it to a noob and see what happens)

are you devs trying to combat years of credit exploiting by making it impossible to get more creds? (by the way, im still waiting on my unclean seal for reporting that major exploit with selling and team tithes, if this is how you thank whistle-blowers i can see why so many exploit)
couse it ain't going to work, your going to end up with a few very rich players doing fine and all the rest of us will end up broke as fuck and unable to even afford repairs

so if you want the short and sweet version here it is:
this has got to be the worst idea iv seen you devs come up, can't you all afford even one professional game dev? im sure if you shelled out for one it would improve the quality enough to turn around the decline of player numbers (who knows, we might end up getting a patch that doesn't also include bugs)

Mon Jul 24, 2017 8:27 pm
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Post Re: Changes to the Industrial Commodity System and a change
I see absolutely no problem with limiting IC types to their specific bases. Good games have regional rarity or exclusivity. Under no circumstances should someone automatically have access to a place they can sel all their manufactured goods at, especially not with something as lucrative as ICs.

Most of the 'problems' someone579 talked about are not remotely actual problems, they are good things. Yes they're less carebear, but less carebear in the right way. I've been a proponent of casualness for a long time; even I think this is good.

Except that thing about protection racketeering. That gives me pause for concern.

Star Sonata is not ready for a release on Steam. See this topic for what we think should be done about it.

Tue Jul 25, 2017 10:05 pm
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Post Re: Changes to the Industrial Commodity System and a change

The amount of firepower you need to field to break a half assed 10 ada kit galaxy with normal off the shelf T20s is ludicrous. We're talking about upwards of 150 bases being fielded from a team in a single instance of bvb. The Base Amp costs on this alone matches the defenders' 10 kits, and the purchase value of those bases equals it again. Then augs, which are in such quantity that it's another value set.

So tackling a galaxy with 10 ada kits, you are spending 3x more in non-ada kits. No to mention having to get 30 STM characters into a galaxy + non-builder escorts. By the time any team has this level of firepower, they're numbering into the hundreds of people.

Wed Jul 26, 2017 1:29 am
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Post Re: Changes to the Industrial Commodity System and a change
more nerfing, more fucking up money income... i stopped caring

Mon Jul 31, 2017 5:05 am
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