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Class Rebalance: Support Focus
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Author:  MasterTrader [ Sun Jun 23, 2019 11:58 am ]
Post subject:  Class Rebalance: Support Focus

What are the goals of the Class Rebalance?

I'm sure you've heard it before, or maybe even thought it, "Berserker sucks without modstacking!", "Speed Demon's evasion device is OP!", or "Gunner needs more single target damage!". Our goal with these changes is to make sure that classes accross the board are fun and viable in a variety of situations. As such, we're willing to look at everything including Focus Skills, Class Skills, Sub Skills, Adv Class Sub Skills, and Class specific super items/mechanics.

Here are a list of the high level goals we have while doing these class rebalances.

  • Reaffirm the role and general abilities of each class without regard to how that role is achieved.
  • Approach relative strengths of each class from a top-down perspective and bring the different classes more in balance with each other, while allowing each class to still be able to do everything to some extent.
  • Rebalance aspects of the game which are so powerful because of certain classes that they ruin other classes in some way or make certain aspects of the game useless to other classes.
  • Examine potential changes to the class trees on a class-by-class basis.
  • Adjust other facets of the game at the same time since this will be a good opportunity (Out of combat regeneration, cloaking/visibility/radars, adjusting resistances, adjust damage types, etc.)

With that out of the way, let's get to the specifics. What are the classes supposed to be like? What theme are we looking for?

Support Focus

  • Enables other ships individually, plus various other utility. Provide the squad resources (shields and energy and cooldowns?)

Shield Monkey

Primary healer.

  • Strategic Role: Heal allies. Resurrect allies.
  • Squad Role: Heal allies.
  • Solo Role: Heal bots and drones. Steal shields. Direct minions to fight for them.
  • Note: There are a great deal of things that will be changing in regards to healing, resistances, damage types, shield bank/regeneration, and stasis mechanics. These are all buffs to players. All of these things will directly affect Shield Monkey in such a way that the things we have listed above may take a back seat. There was also discussion about Shield Monkey's being able to drain shields from a target in order to bolster its own shields, since healing will (with the above changes mentioned) be less of a mandatory thing and will be less sustainable. Details about these changes will be shared at a later date.


Supposed to be about energy. Secondary healer / group healer. Transfers energy to allies to use as they see fit. High resists.

  • Strategic Role: Build a castle of drones that makes allies nearby very strong. (Range needs to be reduced)
  • Squad Role: 1. Energize allies 2. heal the group 3. Damage enemies that come near the drones 4. Buff allies that are close to a buffing drone (short range)
  • Solo Role: Versatile drone choices allow very strong soloing.
  • Note: There may be a reduction, as needed, to the range of some of the highest range drones. This will not be blanket or accross the board, but will instead be targeted to specific instances. Engineer is an area control class and we want to incentivize and support that.


How do you feel about these classes, and this Focus? What's your take on the roles we have listed above? What are issues you have noticed? What are things you like? Try to answer these questions in specific context to the different "stages" of the game below:

  • Early game (Before you have leveled all of your class skills)
  • Mid game (After you have leveled all of your class skills)
  • End game (After you have acquired almost all of the gear, augmenters, super items, and bonuses/modifications needed to tweak the class to your preference.)
  • Wild Space PvP

Author:  kelly16 [ Sun Jun 23, 2019 12:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Class Rebalance: Support Focus

For Shm I would like to see in regards to solo Shm making bots more viable, either thrue straight up power or more utility.

When it comes to Shm in a group I would like to see something more active one could do more then heal the tank and spam hospital for group blocker, prehaps a super item that takes a % of shield and deploys a version of forcefield drone that deploys a envelopment based upon how mutch shield it tock to deploy for example if it takes 10k shield the envelopments have 2k shield and it deploys 11 or something like that before going away?

Changes that would impact both playstyles I would like to see would be stuff like the Seer shield transes that effect other stats like damage be made for Shm aswell.

Author:  MasterTrader [ Tue Jun 25, 2019 8:45 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Class Rebalance: Support Focus

We definitely want to make the experience playing Shield Monkey more proactive instead of reactive, that's an internal goal for sure.

Author:  ELITE [ Sun Jun 30, 2019 7:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Class Rebalance: Support Focus

i demand aoe splash healers/super items that impart some kind of + resist/regen tweak with high cooldown so you can actually protect and heal instead of just afk healing

Author:  veist [ Thu Jul 11, 2019 4:46 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Class Rebalance: Support Focus

Shield Monkey has a long history of basically being useless, or less useful than [Insert Fleet Commander memes], when it is alone. It should not have a strategic role of being forced to heal allies, because when it has none (or weaker allies named Combat Slaves), it becomes a lot less fun to play as a primary class for a person with a single character, not to mention a build that takes advantage of all the tools it has to survive being alone, makes it a highly unattractive class to take with a squad, requiring an entirely new ship to be useful, while Engineer gets to skip off into the sunset not bothering to bring a dedicated squad ship.

Engineer is just as useless -- in a position when it has all of its drones dead and still needing to shoot hostiles. Drones make up an easy 84% of its firepower under optimal setups involving combat slaves that damage and launch fighters and you launching fighters and missiles, and way more because generally engineers don't have combat slaves nor launch fighters or missiles.

A serious look should be taken to make Engineer a viable offensive class when it is either away from its drones, or when its drones have all died.

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