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Post Current Major-Patch Bugs
Hello Guys, all you young "Dev's" please keep up the good work, the game needs all the fine effort it can get!

Here's a little list of the bugs I've noticed since the major patch around the time of the Halloween thing, and the "Great F.C. Nerf" and the "Mega Base Nerf+" hehe!

* Player's Ship should remain Central to the screen, but suddently, its Jittering on occasion from its central position, could be something to do with auto pilot, but i've noticed it do it regardless. It's never done this before (Client)!

* Radar Window (Reticle) either not showing base graphic at all, or takes some time or cycling to show it! Sometimes it shows the image as zoomed in too much or something (!), then suddenly it will show it as "Normal".

* Base-Icon Floaties not showing anything (Black), for a time or untill you cycle! Is this some sort of Distance-Related thing depending on your Radar's power or what? Seems like it.

* Engine Emissions graphics not happening, or only happening through one engine port (EF's etc), and wierd occasional "Trailling Engine Emissions" when your not thrusting!? I found this one rather anoying, but what's worse is I could see why someone may have chosen to implement it..

* Horrible Pausing when your client first jump's into Sol system! (Hanging of Client!) I'm assuming there's been a slow-down in the ISP (Server's) ability to Port multi-user related connections (?!), or something like that.... but its Abhorrent, and Client never used to do that, not to that degree anyways.

** See old bug posts for things like : First Character Login Base-Dock results in mega lagging of the frame rate and mega data-downloade rate for a few seconds or more! etc.

** See old bug posts for things like : Free Market and Ring are extreemly slow to frame and data rate is mega-huge... blah blah... That would seem like client needs to be able to skip frames in actuall fact, to reduce the gpu activity time, compared to server's internal responces etc. It lag's behind server's activity.. blah blah

There guys, that's the ones i can think of atm, besides "Get it to DOUBLE BUFFER Properly will you? I cant stand this Wavy-Framing (Back and Forth) crud a moment longer!". hehe

Seriously though: If you dev's could do something about those first few, besides the old nagging ones, that would be fantastic, Cheers.


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Wed Nov 02, 2016 7:38 am
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Post Re: Current Major-Patch Bugs
I'm sorry but I still refuse to read your posts because text has more than one colour.

Wed Nov 02, 2016 9:54 am
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