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Post Colored Empires Items
There are some mission-related items, among Colored Empires stuff,
that i take as bugs, however don't know whether post this here or in gamePlay.

One case is about the Topaz Traveler/Tourmaline Traveler shields.

In a mission from Purple Empire, I'm asked to bring a Tourmaline Traveler
and 3 Emperor's Favors in order to obtain a "better purple shield",
the Topaz Traveler.

However, there is also a Tourmaline Traveler Blueprint,
which requires -besides some cash and mined comms-
a Topaz Traveler in order to "upgrade" to a Tourmaline Traveler.

What tech are each of those?
How can both items interchange upgrading?


The other is about the Cristalline Reserve Research mission from Prism,
which, besides a specific list of crystals and ores,
also asks for a ... Cristalline Reserve.
This is both in wiki and the mission info on game.

To me its a bug,
if not where do we get the Cristalline Reserve in the first place?

Mon Jun 29, 2015 7:01 pm
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Post Re: Colored Empires Items
For the Prism Crystalline Reserve mission, Crystalline Reserves drop from dungeons, the mission asks you for one and will give it back after. Basically, the NPC inspects the energy, and then gives it back to you I believe.

As for the shields, I'm checking that out right now to add em to wiki, will edit this once I get an answer.
Edit: so, this appears to either be a mistake or intentional.
There's no reason to downgrade the Tourmaline Traveler so it's possible it was meant to be something else than the Topaz Traveler, especially since the Topaz Traveler's description says blue.

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Mon Jun 29, 2015 9:07 pm
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Post Re: Colored Empires Items
That's strange, I'll check out that traveler and see what's up.

My notes say it's supposed to be an upgrade from a blue shield to a purple shield - I think it's just supposed to be an alternate way to get the tourmaline traveler instead of building it with the bp. Looks like the mission is reversed though. I've changed it for reset.

Thu Jul 23, 2015 9:37 pm
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