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Post Planet scanning missions don't update journal objectives
Missions requiring you to scan planets frequently don’t update the mission journal showing the planet has been scanned even though the event window shows the scan and your progress gets updated. An /f or relog fixes the journal. This seems to be an issue entirely with the progress window as you can scan everything you’re supposed to and mission status will switch to completed even though none of the component goals show as completed. This is obviously only an issue with missions requiring you to scan multiple planets at once like in the Academy, Paxian missions, and certain missions in the Colored Empires. It’s really annoying if you don’t know that you’re actually getting progress behind the scenes because you might need to relog or /f for every single planet/solar body that needs to be scanned to ensure your progress registers and this can be 5-6 times in a single mission in a single galaxy.

Sat Nov 17, 2018 6:34 pm
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