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Post Wormhole with no name or ability to enter?
I know that there is a galaxy that has a wormhole with no ability to enter... but I feel I just found one randomly in Acamar. Of course, if this is supposed to exist in Acamar, then I'm entirely wrong... but something tells me this is not supposed to be here.

Link to picture

Not sure why it is such low quality, but the Event chat on the bottom left says "This wormhole has no gate"

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Sat Jun 04, 2011 9:55 am
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Post Re: Wormhole with no name and ability to enter?
It happens because the galaxy has X gates, but the random uni generator can make gal have X minus 1 paths out. It's the same bug as Handel's Cove. Last uni, HCove HAD two gals off of it. There was no wormhole bug. This uni and the majority of unis before last, it had ONE gal off of it. So it had the bug.

However, I have never seen the bug with a normal galaxy before...
Next time, could JeffL reset the c2 universe, and check this place? It might be that there could be the possibility of a gal like Lunacy that was 'supposed' to connect to where the wormhole is.

Salt Assault drew this conclusion from the latest devblog.

Sat Jun 04, 2011 1:42 pm
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Post Re: Wormhole with no name or ability to enter?
The bug is by no means locked to special gals, I have seen it in normal gals at uni resets before. More of a graphical error than anything else though as it has no real effect on gameplay.

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Post Re: Wormhole with no name or ability to enter?
What Churchill said it kinda right, all it really is a wormhole with no destination. Although myself I'm not sure how the gal generator works, so it could be an oversee/bug in that or something else.

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