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Post recon class crit % from class skills
I saw on the ship window of an unaugged zebucart for both speed demon and seer characters that there was no bonus to crit %, which would be expected from the speedy firing and shadow ambush skills respectively. (Both claim to give +1% crit chance, and both are at level 20 on the respective characters).

I then tested the crit rate on the weak test targets at beta antares, with the following results:
speed demon: 2 crits out of about 200 shots, or ~ 1% crit rate
seer: 8 crits out of about 66 shots, or ~ 12% crit rate

For the seer test, I made sure that I was in front of the target and it was shooting at me the whole time so the crit bonus for being unseen by the target or behind it wouldn't come into play.

Anyways, it seems fairly clear that the speed demon crit % bonus is not being applied as intended, and the seer crit % bonus may be applied correctly, but the ship window does not correctly display the crit % bonus.

(And while we're on the topic, the ship window dps formula while including crits could still use a fix ;) )

Wed Nov 02, 2016 2:48 pm
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