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Post "Phantom" guns and energy costs (Multifiring)
Found an odd one, equipping multiple of a weapon on a ship causes two distinct bugs.

First, equipping the last of an unequipped weapon (i.e. 2 abstructors, equip one at a time) will leave behind an unequipped extra copy of that weapon. This copy is entirely non-interactive, attempting to equip/toss/move it will produce the error message "no such item".

In addition, the first time a multifired weapon set is fired, the energy cost will "stick".

Example: Mount 2 of a weapon, resting energy regeneration 200, regeneration while reloading the guns -150. Firing should cause regeneration to drop to -150 until the guns are ready to fire again, but for some reason, the regeneration does not go back up to 200 after the reload's done, staying at -150 and draining the whole energy bank.

I have tested this on several ships, and have confirmed the bug on all but one (Jujuso'rka, which behaved normally).

AI base weapons seem to be less buggy. Testing in a space blue gamma, I got the bug with torpedo X2, but it worked fine with 3 equipped. Hunleyite X2 worked fine. Abstructors caused the bug at 2 and 3.

This is bug persists when the ship is activated as a slave, rendering the slave unable to properly generate power.

Sat Apr 08, 2017 1:18 pm
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