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Post significant fighter dps reduction bug due to targeting
Hello prior to the 9/15 uni reset slaves would always launch their highest dps fighter at a target, and would only launch lower dps fighters they had on board if their target was immune or nearly immune to their highest dps fighter damage type.

After the 9/15 uni reset this got changed in a very bad way. For whatever reason my fighter boats are now launching their lowest dps fighter at a target (in my case the jujus), and are only launching their highest dps fighter (DoFB) if the target is heat immune. It should be doing the opposite.

I tested this with beta antares test targets and they will never launch DoFB unless i manually remove all juju fighters first, so even with no target resistance factored in they use the lower dps fighters. This is a big fighter dps nerf for two reasons. 1) The fighter boats main fighters now becomes the lower dps fighters, and 2) if you want to use the higher dps ones you are now limited to only carrying one fighter type which greatly reduces fighter boat usability since they now become useless against AI with that damage immunity.

Here are some theories what might be happening:

1. For some reason heat damage is being given a priority to launch maybe?
2. Fighter boat slaves are now prioritizing highest DPE fighters vs DPS?
3. Something with the new slave behavior is causing this? (I ran my slaves with V-formation off, but perhaps some of the new behavior is still affecting it somehow)

please fix :)

Sun Sep 16, 2018 12:58 pm
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