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Post Server & Client Patch - 16th January 06:00AM EST
Client side changes (r3787)
* Created a custom normal map for zeus throne, zebucart and poseidon ships.
* Gave the Galaxy Map a close button in the top right corner
* Made the Spice Pirate (Oregano through to Rosemary) ships look pretty.
* Added some new visage stuff for Missiles. Missiles now have textures/glows for their damage type (for the most part).
* New textures for the following ships: Salty Tear, Orc, Goldenboy Sovereign, Goldenboy Minted Bar, Imp, Administrator, Blaze Inferno, Death Striker, Blood Striker, Wildfire Inferno and Monochrome Shade.
* New texture for the Emperor's Crown and King Midas' ship

* Login scene sun and surrounding clouds now rotate the same direction
* Mission tracker bug fixes and updates, client support for new mission tags
* Removed the search button on the inventory (it served no purpose other than to tell you it was a search field). Replaced with text string.
* Removed the search in the skills list when docked at an AI base.
* Put in slightly different texture for the Massif ships (not sure why it didn't go before).
* Reduced the volume on the Envelopment/Womb sound by about 25%.

* Fixed a combo-box client crash where the child list-box would get "removed" before event processing would be finished
* Made it so particles emitted by sobs inherit the sobs transparencey/visibility (basically, if you can't see the Rotting Izer, you can't see it's particles)
* Fixed an issue that broke text color.
* Fixed broken particle inherit velocities

Server side changes (9013)
* New ship Paximinus Scout in the Nexus for the AI Paxians that has a large vulnerability to surgical to make them a little bit less insanely hard for new players
* Added a little extra text to energybank descriptions to make it more obvious what they do

* Beefed Flaming Snownet, new stats: +100% Damage, +100% Eletrical Tempering.
* Gave Aether scout an additional weapon, additional 10 speed, and increased the cost
* +10 speed for Wingship II
* Added 5-20 more speed on certain low tech ships that the player is likely to use in The Nexus to reduce travel times and increase the ability to dodge and run away.
* Changed MIRV a bit so they should split properly. If they don't, then chances are that target doesn't take mining damage (or not a lot).
* Made Drone Research give +1 drone equip slot per level, with a bonus one at level 5 (+6 total, current absolute max is now 25 on a T21 Freighter)
* Changed the Rotting Equanimizer Blueprint to give an upgrade item and not take an Equanimizer
* Sniper analysis will persist at logout until the sniper's ship or target has evaporated.
* Increased the diameter of all stations by 50%, HQ/Outpost kits by 100%.
* Cronos base in Tartarus is now stationary
* Tartarus grem moon ranges reduced
* Reduced generation interval on Vampyre Life Force Generator to 2.5 days

* AI with anti-farming tags that are supposed to drop keys or mission items every time have been fixed to drop their items every time. This effects Protoplasmica and roaming T21 bosses (this may require reset/changes on panel.
* Fixed Academy MRE Factory appearing in stations when it shouldn't
* Added the forgotten drone ops stat on the General Drone Ops Proficiency Augmenter
* Fixed a bug with Brute Force's behaviour
* Changed Dark Doom Shield - Reduced size to 245 at the cost of decreased regeneration (and thus decreased regeneration cost) - Reverted, doing something else for future patch
* Fixed an issue where Brute Force wouldn't always shoot back
* Reduced Brute Force's shield bank by just under 25%
* Fixed an issue with some (most of the Gunner) missiles not correctly applying their affects on targets other than drones/termite nests
* Fixed Titanium Foot giving a bonus to turning instead of thrust
* Fixed an issue with the Vazaha Culture 15 mission
* Fixed typo in the Nanotech Plating skill description
* Fixed a typo in a mission requirement (don't know what mission, it'll be in the Speeling Error thread)

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