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Post Training all core skills to 20 for f2ps
With tech 20 core skills being moved to Earth force Layer in less than a day, I have taken it upon myself to shed some light on how to obtain these skills. Although an unsubbed character cannot venture into Perilous Space on the main server, it can on either Livetest or Test Server. Below is a summary of what I have experienced from the missions that lead to tech 20 in these skills.

Piloting 20

I highly recommend training piloting up to 20 first, as a tech 20 ship is a monumental spike in power for most classes. Not only do you gain access to brand new ships, but also to much better augmenters. When you enter Rumble Mumble, the mission requires you to collect 25 Rumble Pirate Crests which the AI in the galaxy drop. You will face a couple Big Greens, Forgones, Slumbers (non-MF), Reavers, and The Arsonist, which is a stronger version of the Reaver. Once you complete the mission, dock at the station. Rumble Mumble is easier than Rumble 3, especially at the respective levels you will be tackling each rumble galaxy.

Weaponry 20/Cloaking 20

The first difficult mission of the bunch. You must clear all 3 levels of Iq'Bana, the last of which houses the Bana Queen. There will be numerous Bana Spears throughout the run. They are extremely durable for their level and will dump large fires on you, which necessitates equipping a Vulcanite Cleaning Symbiote. The other Bana AI are weak, but can be annoying when they respawn periodically. When you reach the final level, move away from the drones near the wormhole and let the enemies come to you. Kill the guards first, then finish Bana Queen. Bringing heals is advised because she has a lot of shields, comparable to Captain Albatross. If you are not a tanky class. then either outrange (at least 2k range) or stay behind her. When Bana Queen falls, she will drop the commodity required by the mission and, in rare occasions, the commodity required to train Cloaking to 20 at Iq'Bana. ... height=923

Shielding 20

The Snake Hole dungeon consists of icepicks and ends with Anaconda on the final level. Make your way through the levels, killing the picks as you pass through. When you get to the pill box blocking the final level, destroy it and scoop the Neural Keysyncs. Anaconda has several icepicks and angry (MF) icepicks guarding him. Kill the guards first as they are not very tanky but can whittle down your shields if left unchecked. Once the guards are down, concentrate all your firepower on Anaconda and he will fall. His damage is not very strong and his shields are far weaker than Bana Queen's making this skill much easier than Weapons 20. ... height=923

Electrical Engineering 20/Remote Control 18

Second difficult mission so far. Go to Lunacy and accept the mission to train EE to 20. Then enter The Mad Scientist's Cell and you will be faced with Mad Scientist and his suicidal butterfly guards. Mad Scientist will cause you to spin wildly and his lasers deal lots of damage. He also has high shield regeneration coupled with high resists, making him a formidable foe. If your class does not care about mobility much like FC or DM, then you should be fine provided you have enough DPS to break his regen. If you are a speed demon for example, then good luck. The butterflies also make it difficult for snipers to solo him via outranging. When Mad Scientist dies, he drops Mad Scientist's Brain for EE 20 and Mad Scientist's Other Brain for Remote Control 18.

Radar 20

Just dock at the appropriate AI base in The Dark and accept the mission. Bring the best radar you can find to detect the AI you need to kill for the required commodity. Having a fellow Seer to spot them is helpful too.

Equipment and Engines 20 have been in Earthforce Layer for a while, and thus have already been experienced by freemium players.

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