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Post rendghast needs to be dealt with.
inb4 tl;dr

he spams, his nature is to spam.

Stupid, Annoying and Pointless Messages emanate from him over and over again, non stop, non stop. they're unsolicited, too. if the brain is a computer, then he is malware for the brain, a dose of irrational stupidity intended purely, not to serve any one of the community, but to serve only himself.

he has shown over and over again that he does not care for what you say nor think. he is not open to change nor persuasion, and so much light must be shown on what is
wrong with his argument to even admit some small point of fault; and then whatever you are trying to explain becomes public knowledge.

he is not someone who can ever change, nor has shown any sign of change. his purpose is merely to annoy others, he does not celebrate nor socialise with others. he has never left someone saying "thank god I talked to Rendghast, I was having such a bad day before, and it has gotten better because of him" - he wants a revolt but does not have the means to make it happen nor does he present any actionable information on how to achieve these goals without letting go of what is already present.

every point he has ever raised, if someone has given him a good answer then this good answer has been left mostly ignored. these points are not conceded, they are simply ignored. because these points are conceded and he carries on, we can know from this that he intends never to change his ways.

because he will never change his ways, then his ability to talk is a net negative providing only an annoyance for those better in the know or something that people feel compelled to respond to because of how wrong it is. this creates drama, the wrong sort of drama. this creates drama that is not fun for anyone, bar rendghast, who loves the attention - except his need for attention is like a mind-sucking leech that spoils the fun for everyone else

because through all this, he knows that he is right, even when it is clearly displayed for the SS community peer-review that he is in the wrong. these are different people, with different thoughts and backgrounds who all know that he is getting roasted over and over and over and over again, and yet he fails to take the L, and worse yet, he fails to learn from his misgivings or take anything that anyone else has said on board.

he will just keep on repeating what he believes over and over again without taking into account what other people have said. especially when what he has said has been sufficiently answered, he will simply rephrase what he was saying before, and any quotes will be answered in a similar fashion with no real address to the real point contained within or rather the "meta point" (which is far more important than the specifics (which change as the conversation goes on)) - this is done either intentionally (or obtusely) to refuse to accept any wrongdoing.

following the mantra of "from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs" - rendghast seems unable to have an adult discussion with, well, anyone - especially when it is not going the way that he wants it to go, and will stubbornly spam them with the same old same old until they finally go away. if he is unable to have a discussion with another player in good faith, then I can see no reason he should be able to have a discussion at all.

i believe it is about time something is done about this toxic personage, and I have made mistakes in the past trying to find the human within - trying to see if there was any meaning to the madness, but I could and have found none.

i have wrongly thought that because he has been persuaded on things that are binary that he could also be persuaded on the abstract, as well; but this is not the case - especially as more often than not he pursues abstract and arbitrary discussions.

this spam differs greatly from "community building spam" - which is welcomed by participant A and participant B - see stuff like "no u" and silly JPEG, Star Wars, or gif "spam" - where everyone may participate equally and enjoy it, share their thoughts on it and come together

when you discuss with rendghast, you are playing rendghast's perverse and sick game, that uses no rules bar the ones he has personally set. he is a destructive influence, posting over and over again stupid suggestions and attitudes towards things that are so obviously wrong that he should have kept them very private in the first place.

lemon said it best that if someone's being a jerk at the party, you throw them out. rendghast is always a jerk at the party and only he seems to feed off of his negative influence.

of course, this is my opinion. I do not need to say it is my opinion though, since that is what words, or rather, thoughts like these are.

he is without a doubt breaking the rules with incessant spam, and this incessant spam is part of what makes him, him. it's like a spambot.exe, except it's rendghast.exe, and it's running 24/7 filling our brains with garbage.

he has posted before his image of talking with jeff where they discuss numbers of players, 3000 being the making money line. but he has no intention of ever buying the game. these are the kinds of rendghastian tactics. "i have $100 on steam ready for release" - well I don't care. I believe the problem will only be exacerbated by his pay to play experience even if he is being honest.

the things he has helped with are not worth the negatives he brings on the community level, and if a developer believes what he has to say has merit then he should set up a private chat with that developer, but not affect the wider community with his meaningless drivel.

i don't think it should be put to a vote, I believe that it is a moderation issue that the moderators have the capacity to deal with (but not the will or drive just yet), but I'm attaching a form anyway that you can fill out if you feel prejudiced one way or the other - ... MDvfNjFxuU

this needed to be raised

Wed May 22, 2019 5:35 pm

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